Speech or voice recognition in artificial intelligence

Posted By :Ajay Kumar |28th March 2022


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Speech recognition refers to a computer interpreting the words spoken by a person and converting them to a format that's accessible by a machine. Depending on the end- thing, it's also converted to textbook or voice or another needed format. 
This new technology has the power to convert voice dispatches to textbooks. And it also has the capability to fete an existent grounded on their voice command. Presently, the voice recognition capabilities schedule meetings, manage emails, establish contact with the retailers, manage playlists, order food, and operate hunt machines online. Similar installations are fluently available on all particular biases. 

Voice assistant, smart home bias, search machines, etc are many exemplifications where speech recognition has seen elevation. This also includes challenges of understanding mortal disposition, and the varying mortal language rudiments like colloquialisms, acronyms, etc. Likewise, it's now a respectable format of communication given the large companies that plump it and regularly employ speech recognition in their operations. This has been made possible because of better AI and machine literacy algorithms which can reuse significantly large datasets and give lesser delicacy by tone- literacy and conforming to evolving changes. Machines are programmed to “ hear” accentuations, surroundings, feelings and process sophisticated and arbitrary data that's readily accessible. 

Application of  Speech Recognition 

1. Speech recognition software is now used to initiate purchases, send emails, join meetings, doctor appointments, etc.
2. Virtual assistants or digital assistants and smart home devices use voice recognition software to answer questions, provide weather news, play music, check traffic, place an order, and so on.
3. Companies like Venmo and PayPal allow customers to form transactions using voice assistants. Several banks also provide online banking using voice-based software.
4. E-commerce is significantly powered by voice-based assistants and allows users to form purchases quickly and seamlessly.
5. Podcasts, meetings, and journalist interviews are often transcribed using voice recognition. It is also wont to provide accurate subtitles to a video.
6. There has been an enormous impact on security through voice biometry where the technology analyses the varying frequencies, tone, and pitch of an individual’s voice to make a voice profile. An example of this is Switzerland’s telecom company Swisscom which has enabled voice authentication technology in its call centers to prevent security breaches.
7. CC (customer care services) are being traced by AI-based voice assistants, and chatbots to automate repeatable tasks.

What is the purpose of speech recognition?
To understand the voice of the speaker/person and the meaning of the spoken words. Speech recognition using AI has the potential to replace the keyboard and make it unnecessary to type on the computer.  Speech recognition technology is more popular today than ever since it's being integrated into more and more devices. Computer systems and new smart technologies have speech recognition software that lets users dictate their letters and reports instead of typing them. It gives you a hands-free device to work with and saves time and energy.


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