Role of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in Data Security

Posted By :Anubhav Garg |28th January 2020



Artificial intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) is a technology or a computer language that focuses on making intelligent machines that can assist and automate processes. Artificial intelligence services train the software to think like a human brain, with the help of algorithms used under machine learning development services. This blog post explores the advantages and applications of AI and ML technologies in data security.


AI and ML in Data Security:

Artificial machines to predict or analyze outcomes accurately with provided with the algorithm and neural networks and to learn from its users how they react with outputs it to function. The primary mission of Machine Learning was to work on programming algorithms that give a capability to machines by receiving information and statistically analyzing data to providing acceptable outputs. AI and ML in data security could be technologies and algorithms that can help organizations in achieving their goal of safeguarding their information.


AI and ML are technologies that are used by IBM Watson and is helping other organizations in improving data security and cyber attacks. The technologies algorithm focuses on detecting threats and loopholes in the earlier stages of attack implementation. IBM QRadar, an advisor powered by Watson, assists businesses in finding the cyber-attacks and safeguard his data.

The role of artificial intelligence in the industry is crucial as the world is smarter and more connected than ever before. Many reports estimate that cyberattacks will become more easily analyze as security teams will have to use Ai solutions to keep systems and data in check



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The first step to understand the role of AI in data security and vulnerability threat is to learn about the various types of threats to data security:

Phishing—a type of social engineering, phishing is the most common threat and it is typically performed by sending messages and emails cloaked as legitimate to trick victims into giving valuable data or downloading malware that can steal the data itself, such as trojan horses.

 Malware (malicious software)—a general term that describes any type of software designed mainly to damage networks and devices such as computers and smartphones.


AI-Powered Data Security Solutions:

AI-driven security tools are capable of reducing the risks and even manage many of the security and cyber threats to data security. They can do this either by themselves through automation algorithms and detection or by providing security teams and Security Operation Centers (SOCs) with enhanced capabilities.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)—an approach to security tools that adds SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions to make a tool that uses statistical correlations of information on security events and helps security teams deal with events across the entire organizational environment. It provides an accurate and instantaneous analysis of data breach alerts generated by software applications and neural network hardware.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)—a tool that would identify security incidents using statistical analysis and predefined correlation rules to indicate suspicious behaviors. UEBA learns patterns of legitimate access usage and collects data about user and entity activities and use these patterns to detect complex attacks like insider threats by recognizing behaviors to detect abnormal behavior.



Artificial Intelligence or Machine learning in cybersecurity threats adds more value to the cybersecurity divisions of the software application or enterprises as well. As AI techniques grow, it also provides and spreads power in data security but also empowers attackers. If cyber attackers or data hackers could also use AI, then the defenders can also leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to handle today’s threat landscape efficiently.





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