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Posted By :Neeraj kumar Goswami |27th June 2022

Introduction of Redux

In beingness, revived in its vacant type is kind of straightforward and simple to grasp. however one of all the foremost well-liked and enduring critiques is that the quantity of code revived adds to the app, which several feels is not sensible. to beat this the revived team has placed a large quantity of effort into this and while not a doubt has made a noteworthy result with revived Toolkit.


But Recently revived Team launched revived Toolkit, AN formally counseled and a SOPE library that stands for easy, self-opinionated, Powerful, and Effective state management library. It permits North American countries to jot down additional economical code, speed up the event method, and mechanically apply the best-recommended practices. it was in the main created to resolve the 3 MAJOR problems with Redux:

  • Configuring a revived store is just too difficult

  • Have to add plenty of packages to create an oversized-scale application

  • Redux needs an excessive amount of boilerplate code that makes it cumbersome to put in writing economical and clean code.

Redux Toolkit comes pre-bundled with below features:

  • immer.js => a library/tool to handle immutableness in stores.
  • redux => For state management
  • redux-thunk =>For async tasks
  • reselect => for choosing a slice out of worldwide store
  • automatic support for revived Dev-tools Extension   

What additional options square measure Provided:

  • configureStore() operate that provides automatic support for Redux-thunk, revived DevTools Extension, and additionally passes the default middleware.
  • createReducer() utility that provides support for immer library that permits writing the immutable code mutably.
  • createAction() utility that returns AN action creator operate.
  • createSlice() operate that comes in handy to exchange produce action and make Reducer operates with one function.
  • createAsyncThunk() that takes revived strings as arguments and returns a Promise.
  • createEntityAdapter() utility that allows performing CRUD operations.


Many of the arguments against revived were born of the kind of opinions and “best practices” that later came to be viewed as requirements. (In existence, revived in its blank kind is quite easy and easy to know.) but one altogether the foremost well-liked and enduring critiques is that the amount of code revived adds to the app, which many feel is not sensible.

Those debates junction rectifier to the event of revived Toolkit (RTK), “the official, narrow, batteries-included toolset for economical revived development.” The revived team has placed a colossal amount of effort into this and not a doubt has created a motivating result.

RTK resolves many of the arguments related to boilerplate and needless code. As mentioned in its official docs, it helps to resolve three major problems us had with Redux:


  • “Configuring a revived store is just too subtle.”
  • “I ought to add many packages to urge revived to do to one thing useful.”
  • “Redux wants associate excessive quantity of boilerplate code.”


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