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Posted By :Baldev Pal |30th March 2021


What is Terraform? 

i. Infrastructure provisioning-store your cloud infrastructure set up as code.

ii. It’s like CloudFormation but for many cloud providers i.e AWS Google, Azure, Cloudflare.


Terraform provisioners:

Created file is used to the remote or local machine as part of resource creation and destruction.

i. Build your own AMI with the required software/application.

ii. Boot with standard image and install your required software and necessary configuration.


1.Local Exec:

The Local and provisioner are used to execute scripts on a local machine that is running the Terraform.


2.Remote Exec:

The remote exec provisioner executes tools and scripts on a remote target.


How to Install Terraform:


Step1: Before you download Terraform, update the repository lists.

$ sudo apt-get update


Step2: Run the wget utility to download Terraform:

$ sudo wget


Step3: Extract the files:

$ sudo unzip ./ –d /usr/local/bin

step4:Next, verify that Terraform accepts commands:

$ terraform –v


Launch ec2 instance and configure apache server using terraform script.

Step1:Create a directory.

$ sudo mkdir terrafrom

Step2:Create file.

$ sudo nano

provider "aws" {

region = "us-east-1"

access_key = "AKIA52TM6V26IT6ANIRQ"

secret_key = "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"


resource "aws_key_pair" "provi" {

key_name = "provi"

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQCpqx9qiMbOj8BirJbx/ivLSwOStoiMgb3HK4fv0y0hq




2/igtAoWKjjdi+n8Juv71UGKn28tdx50EZ52nrmr97b baldevpal@baldevpal


resource "aws_instance" "Ec2" {

ami = "ami-013f17f36f8b1fefb"

instance_type = "t2.micro"

key_name = "provi"

tags = {



provisioner "file" {

source = "/home/baldevpal/terraform/templatemo_525_the_town"

destination = "/tmp"


provisioner "remote-exec" {

inline = [

"sudo apt-get update",

"sudo apt-get install apache2 -y",

"sudo systemctl start apache2",

"sudo systemctl enable apache2",

"sudo cp /tmp/templatemo_525_the_town /var/www/html",

"sudo systemctl restart apache2"



connection {

host = self.public_ip

user = "ubuntu"

type = "ssh"

private_key = file("/home/baldevpal/terraform/provi")




Step3:Now after writing the script, the Terraform INIT command has to be run.

$ sudo terraform init


Terraform 101 | by Shanika Perera | Towards Data Science


Step4:The Terraform plan command has to be run.


       $ sudo terraform plan


Terraform - New way of Infra Orchestration Part 1 - powerupcloud



Step5:The Terraform apply command has to be run.


          $ sudo terraform apply

    Terraform AWS: Up and Running in 25 Minutes - Codemotion Magazine


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