Power Bi and Impact in Business Intelligence

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |29th October 2020

What is a Power BI?


Power Bi is a Microsoft tool that is a business intelligence platform that provides business users to use different tools withing to reform their data, analyze, create the visualization, and share the visualization as well as data.


It allows users to manipulate the data or clean the data as per the need and can create a relationship with the other datasets on basis of their matching fields after that through which we can create analytics from that data.


Data Sources in Power BI


We can use various ways to get the data into the Power Bi query editor for manipulation or modification. The data sources are:- 


1. File:- In the file, we can use CSV, JSON, TEXT, PDF, and XML to upload the data in the query editor.


2. Database:- In this, we can use several databases SQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and many others.


3. Azure SQL database and other Azure platforms.


4. We can import data from the website, ODBC, OData Feed, R, and Python Script.

Power BI provides users/editors to use several plugins to use as per their visual needs. It allows developers to make multiple customizations in the dataset as well as in the visualizations.In Power BI through API integration we can embed the Power Bi dashboard into the website where everyone can see and use the visuals. It allows the user to add filters or select data from a particular visual.


Artificial Intelligence With Power BI


Power BI helps users to make better dashboards and visuals. Whereas Artificial Intelligence allows the users to explore data, identifying data patterns by running the models, and predicting the outcome of the data.

In Power BI there is an AI insight option which developers can choose to create models, make the model learn via Azure Machine Learning. It also has Text analytics which is also a part of AI functionality.


It requires no code and we get several features too:-


1. Image recognition and text analytics directly in Power BI


2. Uninterrupted integration of Azure Machine Learning in Power BI


3. Automated machine learning can help users create machine learning models in Power BI.



Power BI is a powerful tool with other insight tools out there such as tableau and Quicksight. Power BI gives more features and easy data manipulation than Quicksight and it also allows developers to use AI insight in query editor itself with writing any code and can be embedded to a website easily.

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