Personality assessment based on Artificial Intelligence

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Using AI to Advance Personality Assessment

AI-related Machine learning and deep learning have led to important advances in society. One of the most exciting applications of AI in psychological science has been the development of assessment tools that will powerfully predict human behavior and personality traits. These assessment tools involve automated algorithms for personality assessment-based data extraction, cross-validation, and a stress using prediction tools mechanism.
An AI personality has intelligence prediction tools that will predict your personality traits(behavior) by simply tracking your body language, your movement, and gesture.

Potential and practical uses of Artificial intelligence

Business: Human resources are the toughest to manage in a corporation.  Certain personalities suit certain positions better and AI can assist you to sort that out. Of course, other things like skills than on matter too when it involves recruitment. Another important aspect of the utilization of AI in business is customer care and marketing. Some customers might want social proof or may want to travel straight to business. While others may have you offer more details of your products and allay their fears. It all depends on personalities. Artificial intelligence can assist you to assess your customer so you recognize the way to prepare beforehand.
Healthcare: This is often more like customer care in some respects. If patients are to stick to medications, they have to be motivated to follow the right treatment regimen. Doctors can use AI to assess the mental strengths of a patient and provides the simplest treatment option for people.
Education: Teachers can use AI to assess their students in order that they can know the simplest thanks to communicating with their students. Teaching is all about communication. While it's important that teachers know what they need to show, it's also important that they convey effectively with their students. The difficult part is that everybody has different personalities. Another thing AI can help teachers with is determining career paths for his or her students. While it's the student’s ultimate choice, Teachers have a task in counseling students about the proper career parts for them. Since personality may be a crucial neighborhood of a career, teachers can use AI to advises students on career choices.
Relationships: When two different people meet, their personalities go an extended way in determining whether it might be a pleasing experience or a waste of your time at the best. Dating sites like tinder can use AI-based tools to tracks your activities on social platforms to assess personalities and make great suggestions for match-making. AI also can help marriage counselors assess their clients in order that they skills to advise them on conflicts in marriage.


How does AI improve candidate and employee assessment in interviews?


AI-robot interview

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1. Precision. AI can analyze massive amounts of knowledge, much more than any human. The increased power of today’s computers means more candidate data are often precisely evaluated to assist make better selection decisions.
2. Efficiency. Recruiters and talent teams can use AI to undertake objective and consistent analyses of job-relevant data at a far earlier stage.
3. Reducing bias. Human biases and stereotypes are often responsible for poor selection decisions. 
4. Engagement. AI can significantly improve the candidate experience. AI also can optimize and enhance the choice experience for candidates. Faster decisions, reduced bias, and enhanced assessments all are ways during which AI can improve the experience for job seekers.

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