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Posted By :Vikas Verma |28th June 2019

OpenCart is a free and open-source e-commerce management system built in PHP programming language and MySql database along with simple code design using Model-View-Controller (MVC). OpenCart is self-hosted, which means we can install it on our own server (online or local). It is a framework with many basic e-commerce functionalities already integrated. This framework provides a professional and reliable foundation from which to build a successful online e-commerce system.

Key Features:

OpenCart has more than 13k modules and themes. This helps in growing your business with amazing functionality. Here are the features, which make OpenCart an amazing platform for e-commerce.


User management:
To manage online e-commerce and to interact with many customers, a management system is required.OpenCart provides you all together with advanced facilities and separate access for user group and users


Options and Properties:
We all know products and commodities found in different options, sizes, and colors. OpenCart offers you variabilities in products with enhanced versions.


Discount, Offers, and Coupons:
As a buyer who want to buy something in the market, you will definitely compare both products as well as price. So, this provides functionality for customers as well as for retailers.


Payment Option:
OpenCart application numbers of payment options such as online payment, Paypal, and bank transfer.


Download option at the various platform:
OpenCart is open-source and costs free to use. It provides transparency and shares related images of what their community wanted. It's easy to download and user-friendly to use.


Unlimited category:
OpenCart where customers and retailers get a lot of categories for getting products.


Review and Ratings:
Review and ratings are both important factors to make mind which product or company is better more preferable to buy and it provides the buyer best rating products with review and integrating comments.


Easily find and buy products and filters:
OpenCart provides many options to buy and sell easily. It is a great platform for merchants and buyers, it creates categories of products. The buyer filters the product whatever he wants.


Language and currency:
OpenCart is an open-source platform. So, you can use OpenCart application in any language is quite easy and can expand your business worldwide


Tag support and sale report:
OpenCart provide product detail report so that it is easy to trust the product and company online store to the customer and provide over
 all reports related to different products in different digital formats.


OpenCart have all basics to start selling online, but for a full-fledged shopping cart, you will add-ons through their extensions directory available in both free as well as a paid version. 


OpenCart provides online help from certified partners. It gives ratings to the store partners such as gold, silver, and platinum. Everybody can get suggestions from there according to your need from best selling experts.


Search Engine:
OpenCart is easy to download an application and it gives the best search engine extension to make your business visible on the top of any search engine. 


OpenCart is an online free-to-use eCommerce platform that is very malleable—if you have the time and knowledge to do so. There are a plethora of benefits of using OpenCart, as we know that online shopping has become like a fashion these days, almost every brand owns its own shopping portal and that is a great strategy as having an online store will always add a benefit to the organization.


1. Completely free to use. 
2. User-friendly interface and easy to install. 
3. Can handle multiple storefronts 


1. Documented security vulnerabilities 
2. Technical knowledge required 
3. Third-party app system may be limited  
4. Lack of support


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