Mongoose Vs Prisma

Posted By :Neeraj kumar Goswami |31st January 2023



Mongoose, a neat ODM library for MongoDB used in Node.js systems, has a plenitude of useful features that make inventors ’ lives easier. It manages connections between data, has schema confirmation, and overall allows rendering 3- 5 times faster. Although Mongoose may be on the slower side performance-wise, it does give a fallback to native MongoDB when demanded.


What's Mongoose?

Mongoose is an Object Data Modeling( ODM) library erected on top of the MongoDB native motorist for Node.js systems. It lets you save time on writing MongoDB confirmation, casting, and business sense boilerplate thanks to out-of-the-box hooks.


But the main benefit of Mongoose, the bone that makes you indeed consider importing your Node.js operation down with another library, is schema confirmation at the operation sub caste.


MongoDB Schema Validation


We all love MongoDB for its capability to store documents with a dynamic structure inside collections. And while the inflexibility of having colorful data types is great, it can get out of hand, especially once you move from a POC to a fully-bloated product. And that’s why we need schema confirmation.


Native Schema Validation


Still, you need schema confirmation, If you don’t want guileful data snaking into your database. Sure, you don’t have to suppose about it while the design is still youthful. However, you must establish some ground rules as the number of data sources increases.


With schema confirmation, you can set a specific structure for documents, and if a document doesn’t match the structure, the database will reject the operation right down or issue a warning.


Native MongoDB schema confirmation is good for three reasons one, JSON confirmation is an open standard, which means you’ll be suitable to connect third-party libraries now or in the future. Secondly, it has smaller dependencies; and thirdly, the performance is great. And did we mention that native confirmation is applied at the database position?



What's Prisma?

Prisma enables you to pierce your database straight from Node.js and TypeScript operation law. Prisma is extensively used withNode.js to cost data from the database and has the following products


Prisma Client - This customer connects your operation to your database

Prisma Studio - Is the product that is used to model Prisma schemas

Prisma Migrate - This product helps you resettle your data after you have added changes


Prisma is volition to write plain SQL. It supports the following database technologies

  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • CockroachDB

The stylish part about Prisma is that it has comprehensive attestation that easily guides you through how to install and integrate it with other tools. Additionally, Prisma has a bigger user base than Thin Backend. The Prisma GitHub depository has further than,000 stars and has been diverged 899 times, while the Thin Backend GitHub depository only has about 897 stars and has been diverged 18 times. It's always easy to get help when further people are using the same tool as you.


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