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Microsoft to add multithreading to Node JS to compute weighted applications, it adds on the Napa.JS runtime to bring in about the C++ like performance to Node JS.



The beta version of the Napa.js runtime is currently offering the multithreaded support for the Node JS server-side scripting platform to provide flexibility of the JS all along with speedy performance alike C++.


After introducing multithreading to Node JS, the Napa.js runtime can effortlessly handle the computation-intensive tasks – claimed by Microsoft.


Its built on the same V8 JavaScript runtime as Node JS, the Napa.js can easily be embedded in the host process without the Node JS dependency. It can simply be installed via NPM, by executing

npm install napajs


Code Snippet:

var napajs = require('napajs');
var bigZone ='bigZone', { workers: 4 });
// Broadcast the code to all 4 workers in 'bigZone'.
bigZone.broadcast('console.log ("Hello Coders");');
// Execute an anonymous function in any worker thread in the 'bigZone'.
(text) => text, 
    ['Hey napa'])
    . then((result) => {


Node JS foundation which superintends the development of Node JS itself, sees Napa.js as a part of the Node JS bio-network, it discourses a use case that complements Node JS by providing a way to run multithreaded JavaScript progressions for computationally substantial use cases.


Napa.js correspondingly has:

  • A Node.js companionable component architecture with support for Node Package Manager(NPM).

  • The API support for the object transportation, object-sharing and for the asynchronous processing capabilities over the JavaScript threads.

  • API for the pluggable logging, metric, and for the memory allocations.


    Microsoft’s Napa.js plans comprises of:

  • The performance enhancement through the support of a pluggable memory allocator and minimization of the garbage collection impact over the execution latency.

  • The Node compatibility.

  • Installation, including the complete support for various embedded circumstances.



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