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Posted By :Adarsh Singh |30th March 2020

Earlier JavaScript is used for client-side only but After some of it's framework were introduced we now can use it to the server side also.JavaScript is the language of the web which can support both server-side as well as client-side.


JavaScript Fameworks and why to use one ?


A software framework is an idea in which software providing functionality can be selectively changed by additional user-written code and can be modified as per the need.JavaScript Famework is an application framwork which is written in JavaScript where developer can manipulate the function and use them.


Framwork allows the user to make adaptable design for websites.Framework is a tool which make it easier to use and implement.JavaScript Fameworks allow developer to make single page applications.That means when user access a site he does not load every page every time it renders automatically and this make website a single page application.


As ES6 is introduced it has made JavaScript easier to use By introducing make features in it which ES5 doesn't have.In ES6 we use classes, arrow function, spread operators and many more features which made JavaScript more flexible to use and implement.


JavaScript Fameworks :-

1. Angular

It is one of the most used and powerful open-source framework.Google operates this framwork and it is designed by them.This framework is use for SPA (single page application).It extends the HTML into the application and allows the attributes to perform data binding and data sharing.

2. React

It is most used framwork created by Facebook which has earned popularity in short period of time.It is used to develop dynamic user interfaces of the web pages.It uses virtual DOM and integration is very easy.It is fully dependent on the javascript. It return JSX elememt which is treated as a HTML in it. It is also a single page application.

3. VUE.js

It let's you extend HTML attributes in Directives and offers functionality to HTMl applications.It provides Built-in directives and user-defined.It is also a single page application too. It is basically focused on the view layer only and very easy to pickup libraries and implementing them.It over took the Jquery that we use to implement in our projects.

4. Node.js

It is a server-side and cross platform framwork.It is a also used by the developer to implement backend and frontend for a project in node.It is a very lightweight framwork which make application very durable and easy to use.For server-side it is implemented with any database and can be used very easily.It is capable of using asynchronous I/O with it event-driven architecture.It show feature like JAVA like:- Threading,packages and etc.


It is a lightweight client side application which is used for development and structuring web browser apps.It provides MVC framwork that would abstracts the data towards models, DOM to views and bind these using events.It gives model with Key-value bindings as well as custom event and collection that have API with functionality.It makes an application light by replacing tons of Jquery and javascript code and allows us to manipulate DOM by adding and replacing the elements.

There are many other Framworks which can be used to develop Client-side as well as Serve-side.These frameworks allows us to develop Single page application which is Lightweight and removes uneccessary libraries that are used.

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