Introduction to ASP DOT NET Blazor

Posted By :Sonu Kumar |31st December 2021

Introduction-  It is a Single Page Application development framework, It comes with a typical version of razor and Web Assembly. It allows creating of both browser and server-side applications. With this technology, we build interactive client-side web UI. And during this technology development work became such a lot more productive and builds a typical set of language like Frameworks, tools that are stable and straightforward to use for developing the only page application without facing any large approach.

Why should we use Blazor -  

  •  We created attractive UIs using C# insted of Javascript.
  •  during this Technology, We share server-side and client-side App logic written in Dot NET.
  •  we will use Docker for hosting the platform
  •  it's deployed as a collection of static files without the requirement for any .NET support on the server.
  •  you'll call JavaScript from C#, and JavaScript can call your C# Code.

Blazor hosting models -
There are two kinds of  Blazor hosting Model - 

Blazor WebAssemby and Blazor Server 

      Blazor WebAssemby -

  •  It's Used for recompiling code into other languages. and its works altogether in modern web browsers, including mobile browsers.
  •  it is a compact bytecode format optimized for fast download and maximum fastness. 

       Blazor Server  -

  • It's executed on the server from within an ASP.Net that has the functionality of UI updates, handling the event, and that we can a call a javascript over a SignalIR connection.
  • the Connection made by it can communicate with the browser is additionally wont to handle JavaScript interop calls.
  • By this approach, we are able to render the UI with the normal method using the Razor Views or Razor Pages.

Blazor Components - Blazor Components may be a component-driven framework. its means components are the fundamental building blocks of a Blazor application. The Components in Blazor applications will be nested, reused, and if we implemented them properly, then they'll even be shared across multiple applications. The Component file extension is.razor.


Conclusion-   Blazor Technology is best for the Single Page Application, it's better than the MVC Pattern and also we used this in offline and online provides the hosting model that is the most useful tool for the developers. and provide the standard version of razor syntax  


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