Integration sales with Artificial Intelligence

Posted By :Keshav Agarawal |30th October 2020

New development in AI tools is rapidly changing the face of the sales department. AI-enhanced technologies now mean it is possible to automate the whole sales funnel with WBS    research revealing it can produce a net gain in productivity of 64%. 

Here are 6 ways AI is taking over sales:
1. Crawling the web to match new customers with existing ones.
2. Calculating the perfect moment for sales to call a new lead or send the right email.
3. Cross-selling the right product for the right person.
4. Tailoring the perfect sequence of documents to sell each customer.
5. Predict which price will work on which customer
6. Monitoring phone calls to give tips to improve customer engagement.

Salespeople will be able to make better decisions and automate action to make an easier life for them. 

We live in a time of truly unprecedented change, and the data shows the rate of change is actually increasing up and there is no more daunting technology to sales than artificial intelligence. Is it good for sales or bad? what does it mean? The answer to these questions is pretty complicated and not entirely straight forward. But we can say with confidence that there will be some people who will get maximum benefits and there will be others who will just be dead. And the data suggest that AI will actually start to make a big impact on sales and selling in just a few years. 

There are a number of companies that are already utilizing AI to analyze sales data and one company that is really leading that charge is a company and they are using AI to analyze millions and millions of sales conversations that running it through AI algorithms and basically pulling out specific conclusions. 

What's amazing about this is that this is literally the first time in history that we are starting to be able to know what really does work in a selling situation versus what does not. For so many years, it was much more anecdotal but now actual data from what these companies are doing we really know what they work. The salespeople that are the top performers most likely to close the business are asking about twice as many business-related questions.

Nowadays, staff for sales is given coaching to improve the relationship with the clients it flashes up the tips to the salesman such as how to communicate and ask more and more questions so AI helps the salesperson to improve their emotional intelligence about sales. AI helps to identify new prospects as per their needs and then satisfy their needs by presenting the right argument at right time. Once salespeople find their qualified lead and want to sell them the product as per the need, it is required to understand what are their needs after this and what they will be and what could be the right solution.

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