Innovative Use Cases of AI in Transforming the World of Sports

Posted By :Anubhav Garg |20th September 2020


Today, Artificial Intelligence is expanding by all leaps and bounds. A technology that is one for the present and future which has impacted our lives in more ways than we can imagine.


Enhancements in Scouting and recruitment

AI will help the scouting and recruitment team by evaluating the player's potential and evaluating the market values to their smarter prediction in talent acquisition for their respective teams.
Various sports equipment is having the power of artificial intelligence, big data science, and machine learning with neural networks algorithm can also help in the keeping or managing a record of a player's performance/activity then analyze all the performance data about a particular player.


Monitoring Training and Performance analysis

Accessing individual performances to identify strengths, predictive, and diagnostic capabilities by artificial intelligence can be used to maintain the health, fitness, and safety of players and help the team to instruct players to train in particular way areas of improvements which make the team aware of their weaknesses and help them to work on training to delivering an effective performance.


Maintaining Fitness and health safety

AI monitors the player movements to analyze the physical condition of the players before the match and ensure their fitness and physical parameters during training to predict fatigue and take necessary action measures to prevent them from getting injured and also offer real-time feedback about the performance of a player during the sports and gameplay.


AI in Broadcasting and advertising

Artificial intelligence can detect the best moments/positions of the players or game by changing the camera positions in live events and maximizing advertising effectiveness by analyzing the correct results to make advertising more suitable for the sports industry to present ads based on crowd excitement levels in sporting arenas.


AI is playing a massive role in shaping businesses to the core of the sports sector has also been significantly influenced and especially when it comes to fantasy sports. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is a new innovation in the field of sports which makes the performance, business, players' health prediction certain and reliable.



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