Importance Of Automated Machine Learning

Posted By :Ashish Kumar |30th September 2020




Automated machine learning is the process of automating the end-to-end process of any machine and it allows us to easily deal with data analysis and complex problems to accelerate the business process. It increases productivity and accuracy by automating repetitive tasks and reduce time consumption. It enables the use of data science to develop AI Technology without expending time and money. 


It enables artificial intelligence-based real-time solution and makes it possible to automatically generates a data analysis pipeline that can include various steps such as PreProcessing of data, feature engineer, Diverse Algorithm, Training and tuning, ensembling, feature engineering methods, and many more which help to avoid errors and enables a data scientist to focus more on the problem rather than the models.


How automated machine learning is better than the traditional approach of machine learning?

  • The traditional machine learning approach to real-world business problems requires experts human work in several fields including data scientists to deal with data science. Which is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and very challenging whereas Automated machine learning makes it possible to automate whole the process with the help of algorithms to easily deal with real-time businesses problem in every industry which reduce human effort, time consumption and challenges.
  • Implementing the traditional machine learning model is a multistep process that includes one data scientist and experts in mathematical models, computer science, Cognitive Science, data modeling and etc. which increase the occurrence of human errors and degrades model accuracy. Whereas building an Automated machine learning model we need to use the Machine learning algorithms. It also provides a pre-designed data analysis structure that helps in applying the right algorithms in order to solve the critical problem and achieve accurate results in less time at a low cost.


Automated machine learning software enables organizations to improve their productivity in thereat time business process. It provides many tools such as Amazon lex, AutoFolio, Auto-Keras, and etc. Which helps to drive the business process for success and growth. Oodles technology also using automated machine learning technology to achieve accuracy and focus more on complex problems in less time.

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