How to Upload Image to AWS using Node.js

Posted By :Rakesh Chandra |29th April 2020


 All the Software or web apps developed today Requires Some kids of files/Document /images hosting .In this blog we will study about AWS bucket and how to handle all these stuff (uplaoding managing ) using node js and node js's packages .

If your app has a lot of images/videos/other documents , you can put them on dedicated servers . the problem is that you need to make sure the data image/videos are secure  ,and are backup in proper way and  accessible when you need it , it reduce the page load time and stored images in dedicated server.



AWS S3 Bucket 

S3  also known as simple strorage service is a cloud storage service provide by Amazone web service , we can stoared large amount of data in cloud usingn s3 bucket . most of the online streaming services are used S3 bucket for storing large amount of stramig data .


Advantages of Using S3 

  • Low Cost 
  • Availability 
  • Security 
  • Simple data transfer 
  • Easy to manage

What we need to insatall- 

 Multer - multer is used as a middleware to handle files .

Multer-S3 - multer extention for easy file uplod in s3 bucket .

AWS-SDK - Necessory package for using AWS.


How to install these packages - 

copy paste following command in your terminal to install Multer ,Multer-S3 nd AWS-SDK


Configure basic setting in AWS and get the key 

Now start writing Node js code for uploading Image /Docuement in AWS S3 Bucket  by using  Following steps;

 1. Install all dependencies 

 2. Create app.js and start writing image upload code 
















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