How to Install Rasa Open Source

Posted By :Abhishek Jaiswal |31st December 2020

Rasa is an open-source machine learning framework for making chatbot based on automated text and voice-based conversations. Rasa understands messages, hold conversations, and connect to messaging channels and APIs.



In this blog, there are two methods of Installation are described  below:


A. Installation of Rasa Open Source using pip.
 1. Python Environment Setup
 Check first python3 and pip3 version by using below commands:
 -  python3 --version
 -  pip3 --version

 The above commands should display the version, and if Python 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8 and pip3 is already installed then you can skip the next step.


 For Ubuntu-

 Fetch the relevant packages using apt, and install virtualenv using pip.

 - sudo apt update
 - sudo apt install python3-dev python3-pip

 For macOS -

 Install the Homebrew package manager if you haven't already.
 Once you're done, you can install Python3.

 -  brew update
 -  brew install python

 For Windows -

 Make sure the Microsoft VC++ Compiler is installed, so python can compile any dependencies. You can get the compiler from Visual Studio.
 Download the installer and select VC++ Build tools in the list. Install Python 3 (64-bit version) for Windows.

 - pip3 install -U pip

2. Virtual Environment Setup


This step is optional, but this is strongly recommended to create python projects using virtual environments.


 For Ubuntu-

 Create a new virtual environment:

 - /usr/bin/python3.8 -m venv ./venv

 Activate the virtual environment:

 - source ./venv/bin/activate 

 For macOS -

 Create a new virtual environment:

 - /usr/bin/python3.8 -m venv ./venv

 Activate the virtual environment:

 - source ./venv/bin/activate 

 For Windows -

 Create a new virtual environment:

 - /usr/bin/python3.8 -m venv ./venv

 Activate the virtual environment:

 - .\venv\Scripts\activate

3. Install Rasa Open Source


For Ubuntu / macOS / Windows -

First, make sure your pip version is up to date:

 - pip3 install -U pip 


To install Rasa Open Source:

 - pip3 install rasa  


The command for checking Installed version of Rasa Open Source

 - rasa --version

The command for creating a new project of Rasa Open Source

 - rasa init


B. Installation of Rasa Open Source from Source(GitHub).


If you want to use the development version of Rasa Open Source, you can get it from GitHub:


curl -sSL | python

git clone

cd rasa

pip3 install poetry


Additional Dependencies

For some machine learning algorithms, you need to install additional python packages.

 you can use the below command to install all needed dependencies for every configuration.

 - pip3 install rasa[full]

Dependencies for spaCy

You can install dependencies for spaCy with the following commands:

- pip3 install rasa[spacy]

- python3 -m spacy download en_core_web_md

- python3 -m spacy link en_core_web_md en


Upgrading Versions

To upgrade your installed version of Rasa Open Source to the latest version from PyPI:

  - pip3 install --upgrade rasa


 To download a specific version, specify the version number:

 - pip3 install rasa==1.8.3


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