How can AI boost Application testing performance and efforts

Posted By :Nuzhat Siddique |30th June 2021


Software Testing has been commanded to bring speed and accuracy for the Digital Transformation efforts by enterprises. 

Over a couple of years, Test Automation has been increasingly used to ensure optimal accuracy for various digital initiatives. Within the current scenario software, development teams are adopting AI to execute testing tasks that are tedious and time-consuming. The fundamental goal is to bring speed and ensure accuracy while dealing with a vast set of data. 


The foresight of Application Testing With AI


The application aspect is getting complex every day, and various applications interact with one another through APIs, which add up to the complexity. Aside from increasing the complexity, there's an immense rush to bring the appliance to the market. The releases that might happen over a month are being done within a week with demanding market expectations. This is often putting a tremendous load on testing. Hence, Machine-based intelligence is required to beat the testing and QA challenges that testers face daily and recurring.


Constant feedback and precise tracking must ensure transparency and evaluate progress within the testing and development cycle. AI tools accompany inbuilt capabilities to figure more innovative ways and track every inch of activity. 

This helps to smooth software testing and make it simpler for teams. 

AI-powered ongoing testing platforms are ready to track, test, and constantly update algorithms

This permits teams to trace even the modest change within the testing cycle.


Key reasons to consider AI in your software testing strategy and life cycle

We have considerably established the push for incorporating AI capabilities within your testing schedule and strategy. But, if we've to list down the key reasons for considering AI, these might be the apparent ones-


1. AI is expected to boost accuracy and speed

Accuracy and speed are two general reasons for imposing AI for App Testing efforts. AI is predicted to empower both the Testing and Development teams. The best advantage of all is that it allows developers to access the shared automated tests and run tests initially before the appliance goes into the hands of the QA's. Hence, significant bottlenecks and gaps are resolved within the initial screening of tests itself. This helps to save time both at the testing and development end eventually. It further validates the results that are derived by both teams.


2. AI is expected to maximize overall Test Coverage

A software testing strategy is essential to ensure that you are ready to maximize test coverage for your application. Automated testing helps stretch the scope of testing for your application and appearance in the minor aspects. When AI platforms/tools are used to execute automation tests, testers and developers can multiply the execution of diverse test cases. Ultimately, it helps to maximize test coverage that's practically impossible with manual testing.


3. AI must ensure a faster turnaround on common applications!

There is no limit to the pressure that development and testing teams face to urge the appliance faster in the market. Manual testing can barely handle these pressures. Hence, automation testing tools are critical. There are automated tests that get executed repeatedly to verify a specific usual outcome. This won't be done at a lower cost with just one occasion investment. In the end, the testing cycle is reduced, which results in faster turnaround and time-to-market.


Some of the popular AI-based test automation tools going around in the market are:


2. Appvance


4. Functionize

    and many more



QA plays a severe role in ensuring consumer experience, where test automation is vital. AI can introduce the ease of automation and execution when the performance and functionality are rigorously tested. Robotics and AI platforms are gradually taking up the software testing activities, as they're easy to use, implement, and time effective.


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Nuzhat is a highly skilled Quality Analyst with a strong background in both manual and automated testing. She possesses extensive knowledge in manual testing methodologies and excels in all aspects of Test Documentation processes. Her proficiency in using tools such as MySQL, Postman, MongoDB, LambdaTest, and Selenium has enabled her to perform effective application testing. She has successfully completed and delivered software testing projects for various domains, including E-Learning, Healthcare, ETL, and IoT. Her notable contributions include projects such as Konfer and HP1T. Additionally, she have experience in test management and defect tracking systems such as Trello and Jira. Nuzhat also has hands-on experience with test automation tools such as Selenium and Protractor. She is a self-driven and self-motivated person with excellent communication and presentation skills.

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