How To Setup Azure Agent Pool In Azure DevOps

Posted By :Kapil Soni |5th August 2022


1) First Create a Project name: abc



2) Create a Personal access token for the agent pool

    Go to user setting 



3) click on personal access tokens.



4) Create a new personal access token



5) give name, organization, and expiration date then create


6) go to the project setting 

7) click on agent pool.


8) then click on add pool.


9) select pool type (self-hosted)

10) click on the agent pool name where u created.


11) click on the new agent



12 follow these instructions on the remote server 


  13) After Following Instructions The agent is set up on your virtual machine and the tool is run with the help of the service 


Some important points when u install the agent in a virtual VM :

1) In URL put the URL like this:

2) put a personal access token 


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