How To Effectively Manage Multiple Projects And Meet Deadlines

Posted By :Rohitesh Rawat |31st October 2018

Multi-tasking has become a part of our work culture where doing it well can achieve goals faster, done poorly, you can stretch yourself so thin that you underperform and under-deliver.

Using project management software gives multiple tasks a sense of order.
But being an effective juggler and getting things done requires important skills.

Below are some points to be an effective and productive juggler:


1. Planning:

Creating a plan will help you focus.
An effective plan breaks a big problem into small and reasonable tasks.
Prioritizing work and estimating efforts are some of the activities included in Planning.

2. Time Allocation:

Overdoing multi-tasking can result in futility. Doing a little here and there and never completing anything significant, no one likes that.
Some of us like to devote hours in one task, some like juggling a few tasks simultaneously.
Keep track of your most productive days and tasks you get done in that particular day.
If you can handle only 4, then you know what you can expect in a day.
Don’t overextend yourself!


3. Don’t be a Yes Person:


If your co-worker brings in a last-minute task, don’t resort to an instant 'Yes sure, no problem'.
Talk about the task in broader terms and take some time to think through what’s needs to be done.
You can say no and then try to think of an alternative solution: more reasonable date or more resources.
From this, you will come out as a thoughtful and reliable problem solver.

4. Manage Effectively:

Keep some order for various tasks and deadlines.
If you don’t see the connection in any of the tasks, ask.
Take the help of co-workers.
Don't rush to your senior, instead, be resourceful and know what questions to ask and when.

5. Focus on the task at hand:

Put your full attention on the task/project in hand.
If you’re worried about losing an important thought, write it down.
Kill the distractions!


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Rohitesh is an expert in Agile methodologies, specializing in Scrum. He possesses a wide range of skills, including proficiency in Jira, MongoDB, planning, scoping, process creation and management, and QA. Over the years, he has led the successful delivery of several offshore projects, including Konfer, Virgin Media, HP1T, and Transleqo. Rohitesh holds certifications as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) and has a comprehensive understanding of the entire Project Life Cycle (PLC).

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