How Lead Generation Chatbots Improve Business Interactions

Posted By :Ravi Rose |19th June 2020

Lead generation is one of the most essential functions for every emerging and established business. However, traditional lead generating practices are largely turning redundant due to our inability to constantly keep prospective client's engaged while fulfilling their needs. To streamline business interactions with potential clients, lead generation chatbots are an effective tool for capturing and converting quality leads.


As a dynamic Chatbot Development Company, Oodles AI shares some far reaching benefits of embedding lead generation chatbots into your digital landscape. 


How Lead Generation Chatbots Can Boost Business Sales


1. Standardizing Business Presence and Availability


Keeping your website visitors engaged with quality experience requires much more than human efforts. Deploying an AI-powered chatbot across websites, mobile apps, and social media domains is becoming an essential business strategy. For instance, a chat window popping out might intrigue users who have spent a decent time exploring your website. 


We, at Oodles, as an emerging Artificial Intelligence Development Company, have gained experiential knowledge in building and deploying conversational AI chatbots and virtual assistants for all business needs. Our AI team uses NLP and NLU algorithms to match customer inferences with the right chatbot responses to optimize customer experiences. 


With standardized messages and uninterrupted availability, chatbots are significantly helpful in exhibiting the capabilities of your business to potential customers. In fact, studies suggest that over 50% of online users prefer interacting and making purchases through chatbots.


2. In-depth Analysis of Customer Responses


It is difficult to gauge the needs and preferences of customers with granularity using manual efforts. AI-powered lead generation chatbots enable businesses to analyze customer responses using data-driven algorithms. 


Virtual agents make it easy and efficient for businesses to understand their audience better. It enables them to identify the product interests, likes and dislikes of consumers in less time as compared to that required by human executives. This way, businesses can greatly improve their lead generation efforts. A chatbot can conduct surveys, pose questions and run quizzes to understand the interests of customers. Thus, helps businesses to get a far better idea about their best and least-performing products.


3. Provides Optimum Customer Outreach Opportunities 


While a chatbot on your site does mean that you simply can directly engage with a good range of individuals , including those that might still get on the fence about getting in touch, chatbots can be used through multiple platforms for far wider reach.

Consider implementing a chatbot on your social media channels. This will mean you're generating and interacting with leads through multiple avenues. 


4. Offers Seamless Lead Generation Forms


Filling out lead generation forms is an arguably mundane task that customers are reluctant to do. With human-like conversational ability, chatbots can replace these forms with interactive messages and questions that fetch customers' contact details effortlessly. 


Chatbots can ask for user details within the conversation as the user goes further into the chat flow. It not only lessens the friction but also  streamlines data collection processes for businesses. By directly impacting lead generation results, lead generation chatbots can further assist executives in lead scoring, upselling, and cross-selling efforts. Users find it easy to provide for the asked information within a chat. 


5. Accurate Collection and Analytics of Customer Data


The information that businesses gather from the visitors who interact with website or app chatbots can be really helpful in two key ways.


Firstly, the knowledge that a possible lead shares with the chatbot is collated and saved for future references and extracting insights. Secondly, the information extracted becomes more valuable when chatbots are directly linked to the company's CRM or lead management systems. It triggered human executives to initiate timely follow-ups and personalized messages. 


6. Strengthen B2C and B2B Relationships


Building customer loyalty is one of the toughest nuts to crack for online businesses due to the lack of face-to-face influence over their customers. A lead generation chatbot represents the face of the brand while maintaining its tonality and voice to influence customers.

It engages subscribers and increases brand reliability and loyalty significantly. This can boost lead generation efforts remarkably. Customers and client relationships can become stronger with AI-driven interactions.

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