How AI is Fighting COVID19 With Machine Learning Applications

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |30th July 2020

AI is Fighting COVID-19



The world is stalled by the widespread of coronavirus infection. It has left the world in turbulence. COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus, has reached every corner of the world, taking more than 1,80,872 lives globally and counting. In a bid to ensure a speedy recovery, scientists and researchers are banking on AI and machine learning applications for several critical processes. Today, AI is fighting COVID-19 with highly responsive, accurate, and efficient use cases across healthcare, mass awareness, safety enforcement, drug manufacturing, and other verticals. 


We, at Oodles, as an emerging AI Development Company, reflect on these difficult times and share how AI's capabilities can mitigate health risks significantly.


Artificial Intelligence in the Pandemic 


The wide-scale spread of the COVID-19, it has gotten important to screen traffic at places, for eg, Airports, Railway stations, and other transportation points. It needs different devices for observing people with AI and warm sensors. These instruments can help check the masses and cities. Also, they can get the internal heat level and can flag a person if it is more noteworthy than 37.3°. Through this, they can isolate the people and can detect the virus.


Artificial Intelligence and machine learning development are playing a significant role in fighting the widespread of COVID-19 with technological innovation applied to large data volumes to quickly identify patterns and gain insights.


Chatbots employing AI are speeding up communication around the widespread. One example is from Aarogya Setu Tracking App, an Indian Gov. app. It determines if they have been in the proximity of COVID-19 patients, vastly expands the surveillance capabilities of the state. It also creates a social graph of a user by tracking everyone they have been close to.


How AI can Combat COVID-19 with Machine learning


1. Infection Prevention/Prediction: This can be achieved by using computer visions for ensuring social distancing, Face mask detection.


2. Early-stage detection of infection: Identifying at-risk individual from EHRs, Thermal camera for fever detection or using face scans to identify symptoms, such as whether or not the patient has a fever


3. Provision of Care: X-ray scan diagnosis, Remote monitoring.


4. Research and Development: Repurpose drugs that have already been tested and used to treat other infections. Predicting interactions between drugs and viral proteins.


Machine learning is an important tool in fighting the current widespread. We should take this opportunity to collect data, combine our knowledge, and combine our skills, we can save many lives – both now and in the future.


For COVID-19 companies should consider focusing on AI applications in Infection prevention, early-stage detections, and R&D rather than the direct provision of care given that the requirements are a better fit for today's AI tools and that the use cases will have a longer-term need even past the peak of the crisis.


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