How AI help in enhancing the Mobile Application Development Future

Posted By :Ravi Rose |30th September 2021

AI (Artificial intelligence) has been in the news, highlighted in various movies and is now paving the way for the future of mobile app development.


For those who don't know, Artificial Intelligence is a technology that can develop personality-like intelligence in machines. In other words, the ability of a computer or a machine to mimic a person's mental faculties. AI uses a combination of many technologies to equip machines for making, understanding, editing, learning, and hearing with human-like intelligence.


AI-enabled tools can provide detailed user and personal information when a mobile app is built and used. Apps developed using AI can anticipate user actions, understand their performance, and be able to create personalized connections, enhancing user satisfaction. This also increases user engagement and builds long-term product loyalty and a rewarding user experience.


Below are a few ways in which AI will shape the future of mobile app development.


Default Response Tasks
AI when combined with mobile app development can allow auto-response features. This will create a connection between the user and the device. Google is already using this automatic reply feature in Gmail, which goes by the name of smart reply. Whenever a message is sent to a user the feature understands the message and sends the correct response.


Language translation
With the help of AI, we can have the feature of real-time language translation. It saves the user the need to download a different application directly for this purpose. AI enables machine learning so it can enable the app to learn different languages of the same language and can easily translate it in real-time. Installing this technology in mobile applications will help people to communicate better with each other and increase app access, globally.


Face recognition
Security is a major issue these days. With AI, face recognition features can be applied to applications. Tech giants like Apple use facial recognition to increase security, improve satisfaction and improve security. Something is happening in the field of facial recognition and the improved type will be able to identify the face and even the growth of a beard or scars. Face recognition also helps protect children from accessing sensitive or limited content. It can also predict or detect cyber security threats. Facial recognition can also be used in health care as it can scan a patient's face, identify symptoms and make accurate diagnoses.


Chatbots have received their share of information on the epidemic. When people were barred from social migration, interviews took on the role of customer service managers. Chatbots act as customer care workers - people can chat with them and ask questions. Developers can now add this feature to their applications so they don't have to set up and hire a separate customer care team. Developers can train these interview questions based on general questions asked by their customers. It eliminates the need to hire a customer care manager to answer recurring questions, saving time and money.


High productivity
Mobile applications developed using AI are productive, efficient, latency, and highly responsive. For example, Microsoft 365, which is faster, more efficient, and more efficient.


An app that allows its users to customize it according to it uses a lot of customer loyalty. Apps today have algorithms that can perform predictive statistics and can change the entire content of an app, using historical data collected from users who use the app. It has now become a standard practice for the apps we use today. It could be personal preferences or ads that you want the app to display. They are all powered by a customized integrated AI feature.


The conclusion
AI will play an important role in the future of mobile app development. It will give engineers the ability to do many new things. However, only time will tell what is new about this trend. One thing is certain that the role of AI in the development of mobile applications will soon form the basis for the development of mobile applications.


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