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Posted By :Ravi Rose |28th April 2022

With the ongoing epidemic, digitalization has been a boon. Early employment shut down all traditional and commercial services, and most people relied on online services to meet basic needs.


In a similar vein, where health has been a major obstacle this year, telemedicine services have helped people to care for their health issues through the internet/telephone platform. Telemedicine is defined as a bridge that connects ordinary people to healthcare providers using electronic communication as a source, solving health-related problems and monitoring the health status of patients. A few highlighted benefits of telemedicine include-


1. Real-time consultation

2. Save time

3. The cheapest way to get health care at home



In the section below you will find the top 10 fastest growing telemedicine companies to look out for in the future-


Teladoc - Teladoc provides its services to more than 130 countries worldwide. Founded in 2002, the company's unique feature is that it provides fast and affordable daily health services.

MDLive - The company is based in Florida and was founded in 2006. It uses cloud computing to deliver its services. Patients benefit from endless and secure video, voice, cell phone, and email conversations with doctors. In 2014, it became one of the top companies focusing on mental health treatment.

Doctor On Demand - It was a start in 2012 by Jay McGraw, a former television talk show host. Their point of sale is cheaper consulting money compared to their competitors, as well as staff who work in exchange to provide patients with full-time telemedicine services and short waiting time.

Amwell - The company was originally renamed American Wellness and later renamed Amwell in 2019. It is among the top 10 telemedicine companies in the world. Amwell sells his registration to health care providers, who, in turn, request their patients to register on the website.

Icliniq - The company based in India, was founded in 2010 and is one of the top companies in the market. It now aims to strengthen its position in the Asia Pacific. Due to its Indian origin, the company is based in Ayurveda and is well received throughout the country.

Med-Cords - In 2016, three engineers launched Med-Cords specifically for rural people. The company started operating in the city of Kota in Rajasthan and now has a base of 17,20000+ patients who benefit from its services.

Ceiba Health Care - The company was founded in 2015. Artificial intelligence is used to provide telemedicine solutions. Their platform has an alarm system that detects degenerative patients and health emergencies. It also provides integrated critical care services such as the Tele ICU, Tele SNFs, and others.

AssayMe - The company offers home-based self-examination tests for patients. A urine test helps to monitor urine and avoids any chronic health problems. After a urine test, their telemedicine system analyzes urine structures and interprets the result. This app is also keeps the record of all previous urine tests for further consultation.

Doctolib - Based in Paris, was one of the top 3 telemedicine solutions developed during the Covid-19 violence. The company offers free video consultations to its subscribers.

MeMD - In 2010, the company initially started providing services for minor injuries and illnesses, but later, it covered issues related to mental and emotional abuse. In their telehealth platform, various categories are dedicated to men's and women's health, speech therapy, adolescent therapy, and psychotherapy.


In short, today's technological age has liberated the use of telehealth software. Telehealth services have been around for a long time, but have seen significant growth in recent years and are expected to grow rapidly. Telemedicine forums will be useful for rural people, who do not have basic health needs. The goal is to build trustworthy relationships between patients and healthcare professionals and to provide an equitable healthcare system for all.

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