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Posted By :Vikas Verma |30th July 2021


In today's world, communications are increasingly being filtered through digital media. Instead of communicating in face-to-face conversation, we send chat messages or arrange a video call. We prefer to browse online stores, and if we encounter problems there, we turn to chat conversations. This filter is not always helpful - frequency, communication is distorted, questions are misinterpreted, and frustration grows as a result.

But what if the technology that interrupts our communication can sometimes help to improve it? Futurologists and stylists hope that AI's emotions will do so in the future.


What is artificial intelligence?

When computers are able to read emotions by analyzing data, including facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, the ability to press buttons, and much more to detect and react emotionally, we call this Artificial Intelligence. This ability will allow people and equipment to interact in a natural way and is more like how human interaction works.

Affected computers began in 1995 at the MIT Media Lab when cameras, microphones, and body sensors collect sensible responses to identify emotions, and the machines respond to those emotions. This first work led to laboratory expert Rosalind Picard publishing "Affective Computing." Today, the ability of a machine to scan data can help it to discover hidden subtle nuances that some people may miss.


How does artificial intelligence work?

With a combination of computer vision, sensors, and cameras, tons of accurate data are collected, processed, and compared with other data points that identify essential emotions such as fear and happiness. As soon as the right feeling is found, the machine interprets it and what it can mean in each case. As the emotional database grows, algorithms become better at detecting the nuances of human communication.


In the field of research, much work is being done to provide emotional insights into machines. Machine learning and in-depth learning are very important in this regard. With this technology, images and speech recognition systems are used as mechanical inputs. In this way, machines learn to recognize and interpret smiles or change the tone of voice, for example: Is the smile happy or sad? Is it making the situation suitable or worse? However, researchers are working with parameters such as skin temperature and heart rate, which, among other things, contribute to the development of as bright clothing as possible.


The incredible power of emotional AI

Emotions have a profound effect on our conduct. That too, especially - can be seen in the customer journey from a marketing perspective. When customers have a good emotional relationship with the product, they are more likely to be loyal to it than the disbanded organizations. Therefore, if brands want to improve the customer experience, they need a system that works in terms of common sense and competence to

learn from all communication, understand both the understanding and emotions of human communication, emotional motives, and distinguish between factual and non-factual statements. 

In short: marketers need emotional AI.


How has Affectiva used emotional AI?

Emotion AI is a valuable marketing tool with great potential to improve customer relationships. A company based in the U.S., Affectiva, which focuses on advertising research, among others, shows how you can use this skill. With the consent of its users, the product uses emotional AI to record and analyze their responses to ads - and thus gain an understanding of what users are getting and what they are not.

This strategy allows online ads to be tested and targeted directly to the target group before official publication. Therefore, if your product is about to launch a new ad campaign and consequently you have to choose between different options, AI sentiment can simplify your decision in the future with the help of targeted data. 

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