DFP Small Business Vs DFP Premium

Posted By :Arun Singh |27th May 2018

DFP is DoubleClick for Publisher. DoubleClick for Publisher is work like adserver which helps to reserves Ad exchanges in publisher sell and run the ads on their site by directly joining out to advertise/Company.DFP mainly two types exist in the market, most of the times learner get confused which one to choose because one is free and another is paid.

There are DFP two types:

  1. DFP Small Business.
  2. DFP premium.

DoubleClick for Publisher Small Business:

Basically DFP small Business means to learn ad management that helps to grow your publisher sell, delivery and all part of their digital reserve ad. DFP site has the simple interface, built-in revenue optimization, rich feature set and Google-powered ad delivery. you can be maximizing the value of your ad impressions.


  • you have need only google account.
  • No minimum monthly Impression requirement.
  • No Master Companion Setup Support.
  • We have need Ad Sense support.
  • No Ad Exchange Support.
  • Up to 7 level line item type hierarchy, which adds Sponsorship, Standard etc.
  • No Exclusive Ads with Impression Target Support.

  • We have to need No. Of Line Item, Creatives, Targeting, Placement Limit.

DFP Premium:

DoubleClick for Publisher premium basically used by those publisher networks which have reserve items in millions and they want to sell their reserve product straight to the advertiser via Programmatic or direct need to use this feature.


  • DFP Premium cost depends upon the requirement and feature needed.
  • 90 Million ad impression/Month minimum required in monthly impression (This doesn't Include Adx/Adsense).
  • We have to need Master Companion Setup.
  • We have need Ad Exchange Support.
  • More than 7 Level which includes (Sponsorship, Standard, Adx) for Line Item Type Hierarchy.
  • Its required Exclusive Ads with Impression Target Support.

DFP Premium Pricing 

Price Scheduled according to ad-serving and related features:

CPM Standard Ad impressions (ad Impression/Month) Rate (USD)
0- 90 Millions 0
90 Millions – 150 Millions 0.0167
150 Millions -200 Millions 0.0167
200 Millions – 500 Millions 0.014
500 Millions – 1 Billions 0.01
1 Billions – 3 Billions 0.0075
Greater than 3 Billions 0.0065

For added requirement such as video ads or Click ads below are the terms and conditions and pricing:

  • Video Ads size that is uploaded by the publisher shouldn't exceed the limit of 30Mb.
  • No extra Charges will be applied if publisher uploads the video on their FTP and provide the link in DFP. 
  • No extra charges will be applied if a video ad is serving via Adsense or Ad exchange.
  • Video rates are enforced on CPM basis.




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