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Posted By :Gagan Thakur |19th June 2018

Many have swaged about intrinsic competences of “Node JS” which it simply justifies. The software platform built on the Google V8 JS engine, has now become the preferred JS for both the developers and the businesses, due to its worthwhile upshots.

Various prominent organizations such as LinkedIn, PayPal, IBM, Yahoo and many more have used “Node JS” as a backend tech-stack, because of its well-known business tenets such as that of innovation, the productivity, the cost-effective measurements, scalability and more to line up. This growing framework has claimed to be the largest package manager in the software industry today, which has just simply made the modular additions stress-free.

Let us look over certain fascinating features and benefits that “Node JS” brings forward for a business application.

The Node JS framework qualifies the app development in undeviating possible time, so the TOM (Time-To-Market) the application reduces largely.


The development done in Node JS is multi-platform and multi-browser, i.e. the code written by any personnel in say X language can run on multiple platforms, which thereby reduces the need to re-write/re-invent the wheel with the code to be written again for different platforms.


Best fact about working with Node JS is that - no exceptional talent is required to engineer and lever the front-end and the back-end in Node JS.


The concurrent architecture is such that it enables the enterprises to build the network applications that can subsequently handle multiple concurrent connections with the augmented performance.


Today, Node JS stands as one of the best platforms to develop the real-time web applications and it is because the database queries is well-written in JavaScript and JSON stored data format which hand in hand alleviates the need to interchange the data and the possible mismatch that may arise due to the conversions.


The Node JS package manager (NPM), the repository has over 60,000+ modules, whereas the number is still increasing. Therefore, using in-built modules, which are scalable and have consistent solutions, can thus, built with ease.


The Node JS developers are at the liberty to use the tools and the framework of Node JS and as well as the JavaScript community, that increases the probabilities of innovation to happen in the business applications.


Node JS serves as the proxy server for the enterprises if In case they are not having the infrastructure in place in contrast to Node JS features which can perhaps, used as a proxy for a number of services, which have differences in their response time. In addition, putting the reverse proxy server in the front of the Node JS server increases the application performance even during the high traffic and this is because, at the back the Node JS server can simply deal with multiple servers for the load balancing and for caching the content.


Node JS supports the tight coupling between the client side and the server side in-order to eliminate the requirement of flipping back and forth between the multiple technology-stacks. In addition to it if we talk about cloud scalability then, Node JS automatically scales up and down depending upon the traffic and the rush hours, thus saving a few bucks whenever the usage is less.


The Node JS supports the PaaS hosting providers, which are quite inexpensive for the business applications as compared to the others. It simply ensures the high data exchange at the back-end in a flawless way.


Node JS offers the basic API structuring with fewer lines of codes, due to the HTTP module support and various other appropriate modules as per the developer’s selection based on the requirements.


Node JS simply, consumes data through the web services in the form of JSON. This is the reason why Node JS is highly preferred to build a mobile application. Hand in hand, this tech reduces the number of servers required to host the application. Thus, helps one to save well on the budget too.

Node JS is amongst the best-suited tech for the business applications that perform a lot of data processing and needs to process a numerous number of requests in minimal time and with low response times.

Thus, it would be quiet obvious to quote that in-order to build your next business application “Node JS” is simply the next frontier of the technological world to build the excellent applications on the fly.



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