Computer Vision In Artificial Intelligence

Posted By :Kajal Singh |28th September 2020

Computer Vision In Artificial Intelligence


computer vission in artificial intelligence


In this blog, we will see How computers are trained to recognize the objects with the use of computer vision concepts in Artificial Intelligence. So, Let's begin with the definition of computer vision and then we see how it works. 


What is computer vision?


It is part of Artificial Intelligence. the whole concept or technology is related to computer science which focused on creating a system that can replicate the complexity of the human visual system and instruct the computers to identify the objects and images and process at the same time as humans do. In the Early days, it uses to differentiate between types and handwritten text but nowadays it has grown. 


There are some common tasks where these concepts are used-


1. Object Tracking - It tracks the images and match with other images which are already in the system and then it tracks its movements as well.


2. Object Identifications - It identifies a specific object like in image there are several dogs but need to find one specific breed.


3. Object Classifications - It compiles the images and matches with other images that are already in system and store in a specific category.


How does computer vision work?


This concept contains one major question is how our brain works and how we replicate this through the algorithms. The fact is that there are very few theories to replicate this question. So Neural Nets are not gone to these facts they are just coping the way of brain works. 


Computer vision is all about pattern recognization so this can be one method to train the machine. To understand the visual data we have to add lots of images, it can be in thousand or above, and provide algorithms that can use to match the patterns as per the categories.


For Example - If we add thousands of images of a particular image like dog. The algorithm will analyze the image based on colors, different shapes, etc through these patters it will recognize an image of dogs. With this process, if we add any new image which has multiple animals it will recognize the dog image. In the image, the machine will store every pixel set of color value which is represented by a single 8-bit number, whose range is from 0 to 255. 


image src - Computer vision image


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