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Posted By :Krishna Ram Tripathi |28th February 2023

Katalon Studio-

The automation testing software tool Katalon Platform was created by Katalon, Inc. The application testing software is built on top of the open-source Selenium and Appium automation frameworks with a specialised IDE interface. In January 2015, it was first made available for internal use. In September 2016, it made its debut to the general public. The State of Testing 2018 Study by SmartBear states that in 2018, the software attained 9% of the market penetration for UI test automation.

Katalon has been named a Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Software Test Automation for March 2019 and March 2020.


A manual view for less knowledgeable users and a script view geared for experienced testers to author automation tests with syntax highlight and intelligent code completion are both interchangeable interfaces offered by Katalon Platform for building test cases. 

The Page Object Model design pattern is used by Katalon Platform.

With the recording tool, GUI components from web, mobile, and desktop apps may be recorded and saved into the Object Repository, which is accessible and reusable across many test cases.

Test suites containing environment variables can be used to structure test cases. With profiles, test execution may be parameterized and parallelized.

CI systems may start remote execution in the Katalon Platform using a Docker container or a command-line interface (CLI)

Since version 7.4.0, users can run test scenarios.


At first, Katalon Platform was offered as Freeware. In its sixth edition, which came out in October 2019, Katalon unveiled a brand-new product lineup with exclusive licencing.  For teams and projects of varying complexity levels, the new products and licences include Katalon Platform (Free), Katalon Platform Enterprise, and Katalon Runtime Engine, allowing for variable budget, licencing, and scalability allocation.A number of previously free features have been transferred to the Katalon Platform Enterprise licencing.

Core products-

Katalon TestOps-

Katalon TestOps is a web-based application that provides visualized test data and execution results through charts, graphs, and reports. Its key features include test management, test planning, and test execution. Katalon TestOps integrates with Jira and other CI/CD technologies.

Katalon TestOps was initially launched as Katalon Analytics in November 2017. In October 2019, Katalon officially changed its name to Katalon TestOps. It is currently available in the May 2021 version and is expected to provide DevOps team with the optimal test orchestration.

Katalon Recorder-

Katalon Recorder is a browser add-on that records user actions in web applications and generates test scripts. Katalon Recorder supports both Chrome and Firefox. Katalon Recorder functions in the same way as Katalon Platform's recording utility, but it can also execute test steps and export test scripts in many languages such as C#, Java, and Python.

Katalon Recorder 5.4 was released in May 2021.


Freeware was the original form of Katalon Platform. As part of its sixth release, Katalon unveiled a brand-new product lineup with exclusive licencing in October 2019. In order to give teams and projects of varying complexity levels a flexible allocation on budget, licencing, and scalability, the new products and licences include the Katalon Platform (Free), Katalon Platform Enterprise, and Katalon Runtime Engine. The Katalon Platform Enterprise licence now includes some capabilities that were previously available for free.

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