Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Automobile Industry

Posted By :Anubhav Garg |30th October 2020



The automobile sector has an AI track record for the growth of artificial intelligence system in cars which has a great impact on the automotive industry for the AI technologies to bring efficiently safe vehicles to market, while continually working to cut manufacturing costs and also prices and will also change the research and design support functions.


Applications of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry


1. Driver Assist

Artificial Intelligence can help the drivers that are available in today’s cars and trucks to protect him against risks by alert drivers by monitor blind spots, road conditions, in the driver’s view monitoring, and also assist driver steering to avoid accidents and save pedestrian lives.


2. Driverless vehicles

With the adoption of AI technology, manufacturers and their technology partners are working to develop and enable self-driving cars and trucks by AI-driven systems to develop driverless cars.


3. AI Cloud Support

Cloud computing helps drivers to find nearby fuel pumps and also nearby restaurants and even buying needed household products from stores and also available parking spaces. AI-based cloud platforms are the perfect solution that makes personalizing ads essential for efficient marketing to help them find the things they need.


4. Predictive maintenance and insurance

Now, Ai is used in vehicles alerting our speed and fuel average and with oil and check-engine after a certain period of time. AI can check and catch any defects, which may lead to failure, which affects the vehicle’s performance and create problems in the middle of traveling hours.


AI can also play a big role in claiming insurance due to vehicle meets an accident on roads due to their own mistakes or wrong driving by other drivers. They can also collect the data of driving to select the best insurance for their cars.



Automobile manufacturers are revolutionizing AI technology globally in every aspect of the vehicle by the auto-manufacturing process, research, and design process.


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