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Posted By :Ravi Rose |13th April 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that makes machines smarter. AI is about creating systems that make sense of their surroundings, learn from them, and make decision-making and problem-solving skills to accomplish tasks. Just as humans do, AI-based applications have meaning, reason, action, learning, and adaptation as shown in the following figure.

The entire technological world is debating the effects of artificial intelligence and the role AI will play in shaping our future. While we may think that artificial intelligence for at least a few years has come from creating any significant effects on our lives, the fact is that it already has a huge impact on us. Medical intelligence affects our decisions and our daily life. Can't you believe me? Yes, read on as we tell you 15 examples of wisdom that you use in your daily life:


1.  AI for Music and Media Streaming Services

AI is impacting our lives as the music and media streaming services we use every day. Whether you're using Spotify, Netflix, or YouTube, AI is making a decision for you. You may feel that you are in complete control but you are not. 

2. For Drones and vehicle

Companies like Amazon and Walmart are investing heavily in drone delivery systems and will be fulfilled sooner than you expect. If you think this thing is so far away, be aware that troops around the world are already using effective drone systems.


3. For traveling to a particular location

Both Google and Apple and other navigation services use artificial intelligence to translate the hundreds of thousands of data points they receive to provide you with real traffic data. When you call Uber, both the price and the vehicle associated with your ride request are determined by AI. As you can see, AI plays a huge role in how we get from point A to point B.


4. For Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become the most important technology product we have today and we use it almost all the time. Well, if you're using a smartphone, you're communicating with AI whether you know it or not. In the obvious realities of AI such as built-in assistants who choose not to be as visible as the image mode on the camera, AI has an impact on our lives every day.

5. For the feeds of Social Media 

From the feeds you see in your timeline to the notifications you get from these apps, it's all reduced by AI. AI takes over all your past operations, web searches, interactions, and everything else you do when you're on this website and organize yourself. One purpose of AI here is to make apps so addictive that you come back to them again and again, and I'm ready to bet that AI is winning this battle.


6. Use of AI in Video games

The video game industry is probably one of the first innovators in AI. Integration started out very small with the use of AI to produce random levels that can be played by humans. However, that has gone up to a level that goes far beyond what one could imagine. To a large extent, we recently saw OpenAI 5, developed by OpenAI-supported company Elon Musk, beating pro-level Dota 2 players in one game while beating Amateur Dota teams 2. This achievement is passed like a moment of connection to the AI. Dota 2 is a game based on levels where players have to make decisions every second, and beating pro players in such a powerful game is a huge achievement for AI.


7. To create a Network of online Ads 

One of the biggest users of the clever online advertising industry that uses AI is to not only track users' statistics but also give us ads based on those statistics. Without AI, the online ad industry will probably fail as it will show random ads to users without a preference connection. AI has been so successful in finding our interests and giving us ads that the global advertising industry has surpassed 250 billion Americans with a sector that is projected to cross the 300 million mark by 2019. product recommendation, know that AI has an impact on your health.


8. Use of AI in the Finance and Banking sector 

The banking and financial industry relies heavily on artificial intelligence such as customer service, fraud prevention, investing, and more? A simple example is the automated emails you receive from banks whenever you do regular work. Yes, that's the AI ?? that is watching your account and trying to warn you of any fraud.


9. In Smart AI Keyboard Applications

Granted, not everyone likes to interact with screen keyboards. However, they are extremely intelligent, allowing users to type comfortably and quickly. What just seems to be a rival for them is AI integration. Great keyboard apps keep a tab on the user's writing style and correctly predict words and emojis. So, typing on the touch screen is quick and very easy. Not to mention, artificial intelligence plays a major role in pin-pointing cures and typos.


10. Use of AI in smart Home Devices

We even approve the approval of installation technology in our homes. In many smart home devices that we buy uses artificial intelligence so we can learn about our behavior so they can change the settings themselves to make the experience as confusing as possible for us. We’ve already talked about the voice assistants used to control these smart devices at home, and as we know, they are the first example of AI that is influencing our lives.


11. Use of AI in Surveillance and Security

With technologies such as object recognition and facial recognition getting better every day, it will be a long time when all security camera feeds are monitored by the AI ?? and not the person. While we still have some time before AI is fully operational, this will be our future.

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