Artificial Intelligence makes Biometric smarter

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |29th December 2020

In an automation world where everything works on hands-free technology security is the most important feature. Biometrics such as fingerprint, face scanner, and eye scanning is being used as authentication at offices or in phones. Biometrics can also be used to give the authorization to access confidential data. It can also be used with a PIN-protected password or any other for the locking process.

Working of Biometric

It recognizes and validates discrete on the basis of their physical behavior. It is more secured with a PIN-protected password or with any other password protection. It converts biometric traits such as fingerprint, face, eye, and voice recognition. The type of biometric sensor is chosen on the basis of application and its use.

Biometric systems and their various types:-

1. Fingerprint Sensor:- It can be used in laptops, Phones, or door locks. It uses the image of a person's finger and records its pattern and features like loops and arches. It verifies the current image with previous data stored on the device.

2. Eye Scanner:- It analyses the freckles, rings that located in a pupil. A video camera is used to scan the eye.

3. Face scanner:- It analyses face structure and compare it with the previous record. Eg where apple uses a 3D face scanner for unlocking their phones.

How Artificial Intelligence makes Biometric smarter

Biometric is considered as a trusted and accurately authenticate the system. Artificial Intelligence can also be used in biometric which makes it more secure and can system more flexible. Biometric is mostly used in phones as a fingerprint scanner to unlock their phones sometimes it can give an error because of not using full scan and using a partial finger. Artificial Intelligence can auto-create the image of the other half so that it cannot give an error and unlock the phone. As the usage occurs repeatedly it will improve the model. Artificial Intelligence can be used in face recognition also which can also create models from the face data and can perform better in low light.



Artificial Intelligence can be used in various ways in Biometric to improve the system as per the required needs. Machine learning and deep learning make the system stable and enhancing its performs to maintain the security required using biometrics.

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