Artificial Intelligence improves google maps

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |24th January 2021

Google maps have evolved in these past years so much using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Improved roads, streets, restaurants, and many other aspects. It made it easier for the user to find his destination.


Role of Machine learning in Google maps


Machine learning played a huge role in google maps as it allows itself to learn from the data and improve itself using algorithms and statistical data. Machine learning creates models from sample data so that it can learn from them and create routes, streets, landmarks, traffic, etc. It learns from its data itself we don't have to change algorithms or data frequently.


Machine learning helped google maps to located streets or addresses which were not even marked properly or lack of sign. Machine learning helped google to add 20,000 street names, 50,000 addresses, and 100,000 new businesses to Maps. Maps allow the users to watch maps in Satelite view, Map which makes itself easy to use. Google maps are the most accurate and populated maps to use.


Google maps provide real-time directions, traffic, and if roads are closed or not. Google maps use images to create routes, buildings, marks addresses, landmarks, and restaurants. Machine Learning allows automatic fetching of information from geo-located data images to improve Google Maps. Google maps also fetch data from the satellite to make its app more productive and accurate. It collects data from different countries and authoritative is also added to make it accurate.


As these images and authoritative data are static so this where machine learning comes in handy it allows its model to learn when changes occurred in those places. This allows a speed of mapping and automation process of mapping due to which can maintain its accuracy.


Google maps keep improving itself with the new technologies coming these has predictive capabilities too for creating new routes, restaurant marks, landmarks, and various other things. These features of machine learning made google maps a necessity for people.

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