Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Posted By :Rajat Soni |30th September 2021



At first, technology was only utilised to automate the most basic and monotonous processes and to reduce the use of paper by digitising health records and facilitating the flow of information between insurance companies, hospitals, and patients.

The COVID era is now under progress. COVID has played an important role in putting new AI technology into practice, despite its harmful influence on people's personal health. The technology has cleared the opportunity for new models to be developed, new treatments to be investigated, and a vaccination to be developed.

AI technologies are transforming the health-care business to cut costs and enhance patient outcomes, from hospital care to clinical research, drug development to insurance.


Applications of AI in Healthcare

AI has shown to be a boon for the healthcare business, whether it's used to find linkages between genetic codes, use surgical robots, or even maximise hospital efficiency.


1.Support in Clinical Decisions:

It is self-evident that health practitioners must consider every significant piece of information when diagnosing patients. As a result, it becomes required to sift through a large number of unstructured, complex notes recorded in medical records. A patient's life could be affected if a single critical element is overlooked.

Doctors can more easily narrow down all important information from patient reports with the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Doctors can rely on this technology to help them spot danger indicators in unstructured notes. IBM's Watson has been using AI to predict heart failure, which is an interesting example.


2.Enhance Primary Care and Triage through Chatbots:

People have a tendency to schedule appointments with their doctors at the first sign of danger or a medical problem, which may turn out to be a false alarm or something that can be treated with self-treatment.

Artificial intelligence facilitates the smooth flow and automation of primary care, allowing doctors to focus on more essential and life-threatening cases.

Healthcare virtual assistants are ai - based applications with innovative algorithms that provide patients with quickly responding to all of their health-related questions and concerns.

These chatbots are accessible 24 hours every day, seven days a week, and may assist multiple patients at once.


3.Robotic Surgeries:

While performing delicate incisions, Intelligence and collaborative robots have changed processes in terms of speed and depth.Robots don't get tired because they don't get tired. This means they don't get tired in the middle of long and crucial procedures.

Data from previous operations can be used by AI robots to design novel surgical methods. The precision of these equipment eliminates the risk of tremors or unwanted or accidental movements during surgery.

Heartlander, a miniature mobile robot developed by Carnegie Mellon University's robotics department to facilitate heart therapy, are two examples of robots developed for surgeries.


4.Virtual nursing assistants:

Virtual nursing assistants can undertake a variety of functions, from speaking with patients to guiding them to the most appropriate and effective care unit, thanks to AI algorithms. These virtual nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions, examine patients, and provide immediate remedies.

Many AI-powered virtual nursing assistant applications now allow for more regular interactions between patients and care providers between office visits, reducing the need for unnecessary hospital stays. Care Angel, the world's 1st artificial nursing assistance, could even conduct health checks with the help of voice and artificial intelligence.


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