An Overview of Robotic Process Automation and its uses

Posted By :Himanshu Shukla |30th January 2019

What is RPA or Robotics Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation(RPA) allows the organization to automate tasks just the same as a human being was doing across in application and system. RPA is used for automating the workflow. This RPA software interacts with websites, house applications, user portals, etc. Its sequence of command which are executed by some defined business logic. RPA does not require a database of applications, nor does it require the development of the code. With AI’s advent, businesses can now integrate machine learning development services into RPA workflows to enable perception tasks such as image recognition, object detection, and more. 


Difference b/w Test Automation and RPA:


1.Goal: In Test Automation Reduce Test Automation Time through Automation but In RPA Reduced headcount through Automation.

2.Task: In Test Automation Automate repetitive Test Cases but In RPA Automate Repetitive business processes.

3.Coding: In Test Automation coding knowledge is required to create Test cases but In RPA coding and wizard-driven knowledge is not required.

4. Application: In Test Automation application can be run on UAT, performance, Production and QA Environment but In RPA can only run on the production server.


RPA Implementation Process:


Robotic Process Automation



  • A clear Roadmap should be defined for RPA implementation.
  • Make sure for solution design for performing RPA processes.
  • The setup project team, implementation timelines, and approaches.


  • In this phase, we start developing a workflow for automation.


  • In this phase, we run the test workflow for in scope automation to verify the defects.

4.Support and Maintenance:

  • In this phase, the IT support team follows general maintenance guidelines with roles and responsibilities.


General Uses of RPA:


  1. Perform Multiple tasks 
  2. Automatic Report generation
  3. Reduced Technical debt management
  4. Beneficial for Regression Testing
  5. Automatically updating financial statements
  6. Perform tasks like data entry, copying, and pasting
  7. Virtual system integration


Application of RPA:


Below are some effective applications of RPA across business verticals and industries- 


1. In Healthcare Applications usage is Patient registration and billing.

2. In HR Applications usages are new emp joining formalities, payroll process and hiring shortlisted candidates.

3. In Travel applications, usages are ticket booking, passenger details, and accounting.

4. In Telecom applications, usages are service order management and quality reporting.

5. In Banking and Financial Services applications usages are card activation, fraud claims, and discovery. 


In addition, RPA can be easily adopted by a chatbot development company to facilitate the development of conversational chatbots that resolve routine customer queries efficiently. 


Robotic Process Automation tools:


The selection of RPA tool should be based on some following Parameters i.e



3.Type of Tasks




1.Blue Prism

2. Automation AnyWhere



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