An Introduction on .NET CORE

Posted By :Sonu Kumar |29th April 2022

What is .Net Core -

.Net Core is the latest version of the .Net is a free open-source framework. .Net core is written from scratch to create a modular, lightweight, fast, and cross-platform framework. Other features are provided as NuGet packages, which you'll be able to add to your application as required. In this way, the dot net Core application speeds up the performance, reduces the memory footprint, and becomes easy to take care of.

Why we used .Net Core -

you would like to use something different .NET APIs for various Windows devices like Windows Desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone, and Web applications. In addition, the current  .NET Framework could be a machine-wide framework. Any changes made to that affect all applications taking a dependency thereon.

.Net Core vs.Net Framework

  • .NET Core includes compact editors and command-line applications for all supported platforms.
  • .Net Framework is heavy for statement Interface and developers choose to work on the lightweight statement Interface.
  • Whenever the updated version of .NET Core gets initiated; it's updated instantly on one machine at a time, thereby getting updated in new directories/folders within the existing application without affecting it. Thus, .NET Core encompasses a good and versatile deployment model.
  • In the case of .Net Framework, when the updated version is released it's first deployed on the net Information Server only.

Wide-range of Applications-

We can develop various types of applications like -  mobile, desktop, web, cloud, IoT, machine learning, microservices, game, etc.

Support Languages in .Net Core-
.Net  core supports multiple languages like - C#, F#, and Visual Basic programming languages to develop .NET Core applications
also, we can use multiple IDEs like -  Visual Studio 2017/2019, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Vim, etc.

The modular architecture of .Net core  -
.NET Core provides a modular architectural approach via NuGet packages. There are different NuGet packages for various features which will be added to the .NET Core project. Even the .NET Core library is provided as a NuGet package. The NuGet package for the default

Conclusion -

In simple terms, .NET Core is the latest version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework( The framework could be a re-usable design platform for software systems, which provides support for code libraries and various scripting languages ), which could be a free, open-source, general-purpose programming platform. .Net core a cross-platform framework that works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.


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