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Posted By :Ashish Kumar |31st August 2020



Cogito is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that has the ability to understand language and manage interactions in natural language with an accuracy and its algorithms can be trusted and easily understood by humans. It uses real-time emotional intelligence software that is based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms in order to develop AI-enabled systems and innovative business applications which helps to analyze voice calls to connect with human emotion, assist call centers to better interact with their customers to enhance their representatives’ performance.


The ability to interact and understand human emotions helps us to automate voice call service that enables us to connect with no. of customers directly at a time to provide real-time guidance or solution. It is working on the principle of Behavioral science to analyze complex human emotions, assist voice call services, and predict human behavior. It integrates the best of Natural Language Understanding and Machine Learning to intelligently automate business processes which help to communicate with clients and to satisfy them, especially on the voice call.


Why we need Cogito?


Now a day, intracting with customers over calls and listening to their queries, and solving and satisfy them can be a very difficult and stressful task. So, to deal with customers and remove the human involvement cogito was introduced and this tool helps the employee to effectively control customer conversations that are often complex.

Cogito helps to interact with customer, analyze customer behavior, representatives better navigate their conversation, increasing customer and employee satisfaction. It directly helps to manage the organizations and provides real-time customer support to increase productivity.


Uses of Cogito:


  • Cogito performs better voice call interactions and provides real-time guidance to help employees better engage and connect with customers. While live call monitoring it also aware of speaking behaviors and customer perception and satisfaction.
  • It also provides real-time coaching in order to improve efficiency and connectedness of real-time voice call interactions while working remotely and enables a healthy and smooth working environment which creates more productive people and enhancing customer service. 
  • It provides customer based service to automate the banking process. It enabled digital customer interaction and also helps in reviewing legal documents, ensuring compliance, and evaluating the impact of bank contracts and policies with high accuracy.
  • It provides the solution for the insurance company to reduces risk and increases capacity for commercial insurance carriers by providing accuracy of automated Policy Review, automates reading, understanding, and extracting meaningful data from text and sharing the details with the client and make him satisfied.



Now a day Cogito has been successfully implemented by numbers of organizations and enabled human-like comprehension to improve the accuracy in voice assistant service. It allows analysis information faster and more accurate with a contextual understanding of all kinds of information. It helps to achieve information management and analytics to automate processes, generate actionable insight, and drive more reliable decision making which reduces the human effort and make it more efficient.

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