Advantages of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses 2020

Posted By :Keshav Agarawal |29th June 2020

Artificial Intelligence is playing a key role in enhancing our everyday life with innovative technologies such as chatbots, automated home devices, and more. With the ongoing pandemic, AI-driven technological revolution has become all the essential for both consumers and businesses to combat challenges and deliver seamless services. According to a recent report by more than 60% of businesses are banking on AI development services to automate processes, improve operational efficiency, and achieve economies of scale. With the unfolding of a new normal, we, at Oodles, share some expansive advantages of artificial intelligence for improving business performance in 2020. 


1. It saves time by automating business processes:

Robots can learn to mimic repetitive and routine processes that optimize the execution time of the task without human interaction. It is possible with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that simulated routine tasks to enable employees to perform more critically demanding tasks. In the process of achieving efficiency, RPA can significantly reduce time and effort as compared to human resources.


2. AI automates business communications:

We can see some of the prominent examples such as Chatbots. Dynamic chatbot development services can automatically start a conversation with prospects or clients. Chatbot and virtual agents not only automate interactions but also streamline the sales and save costs through integrated lead generation features. 


3. AI enhances tasks and operations:

They can think logically and moreover without emotions. They can make better decisions without making mistakes or fewer mistakes.


4. AI reduces Error rates:

If we consider humans as task executors, they will take more time to execute that task and they may produce errors in the upcoming results. Whereas if we consider machines to execute such tasks, they will make fewer errors and provide effective results.


5. AI reduces the time for Data Analysis:

They can do analysis on data in less time. They are faster in calculation and decision making. They produce the result in a small amount of time. So overall the time will be saved with amazing results and outcomes.


6. It improves decision making:

In both business and production, it helps in taking decisions towards the not only task execution but in all the sectors like sales, data analysis, automation, business model, industries by automating the process, etc. It allows each person to make decision faster and efficiently.


7. 24*7 Availability:

They keep on doing the task without sleep, rest, breaks. Even though they do not require any entertainment as such. we could expect the same result each time while executing the same task without irrespective of times or seasons.


8. Helps in medical sectors: 

Robotics is often used in the treatment of patients to come out from their depression. They also make them remain active in the present world. Radiosurgery is the current medical application in artificial intelligence.


9. AI increases productivity:

As already state that they are available 24/7, so without the presence of human beings, they are capable to produce the same outcomes each time to execute the task, so the productivity can be increase.


10. Enhanced quality in production:

Artificial does not only increase the productivity but also increases the quality of production as well. It increases the quality of work as well as increases the worker's capability.


11. Capable to take risks:

As humans will think about taking a risk, but a machine can not. It will just perform the task. I can say, this is the biggest advantage of artificial intelligence.

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