A Guide on Salesforce CRM Testing

Posted By :Anu Malik |30th June 2022

Salesforce is the darling Cloud-based CRM also called Customer Relationship Management. If I discuss it in layman's language, I can say CRM is largely wont to manage customer data to make the relationship better and to retain the prevailing customer. It stores differing types of knowledge like sales, details of various products, campaigns associated with different marketing techniques, and much more.


There are a big amount of CRMs available within the market like SAP, Salesforce, ZOHO, and more. But when it comes to choosing the well-suited CRM, i.e highly flexible and customized at that moment in time.


Levels of CRM Testing:


Salesforce CRM testing must be performed at different levels, ranging from Unit Testing, Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), Verification Testing, and Regression Testing.


Unit Testing


Salesforce unit testing is performed by the developers. The Developer is accountable for writing the needed clauses that ultimately help in testing the general coverage. Ideally, the minimum coverage should be 75% – only then the Apex code is deployed to the assembly environment.


System Testing


Testing the system as an entire is thought of as system testing. System testing requires rather more domain expertise. this is often the first reason why system testing of Salesforce CRM is performed by Salesforce consultants.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT)


Salesforce UAT may be a process that lets the Salesforce consultants decide whether the expected release of CRM meets all the specified business needs. providing all the wants are met, the code is often deployed to the assembly environment.


Regression Testing


Salesforce regression testing is conducted by the system users (or system testers) for ensuring that the newly developed code and configuration features don't seem to be impacting the present processes within the system.


Need for Salesforce Testing


The main agenda of testing is to spice up the arrogance within the software so that if the end-user uses the software he/she doesn't think that it's not working needlessly to say. There are such a big amount of reasons as per my experience and knowledge that demonstrate we want salesforce testing:

  1. Changes in business logic.
  2. Changes at UI/UX levels.
  3. Changes associated with a 3rd party and plenty more.


Therefore, like any software application, any organization has to perform a top-quality assurance process before releasing its custom-built features on top of Salesforce the assembly.


Providing the Access to Salesforce to Anyone


By entering the IP address of the desktop/laptop of these individuals to which we wish to produce access the entire process is thought of as IP whitelisting.


Salesforce UAT Different as compared to Functional Testing


Firstly, in Salesforce UAT, QA follows a series of testing steps to verify that requirements perform evidently for the end-user. Now, if it involves UAT, QAs check if Salesforce can support the mandatory needs of the business if deployed to the assembly environment.


Functional Testing compared tests specific functionality requirements and technical specifications of the appliance. the explanation behind this can be that these test cases aren't user-focused. A salesforce test plan can receive passing results during functional testing but fail during salesforce UAT testing if the software application doesn't function as per the expectation.




There is no single doubt about this- Salesforce CRM is one of the leading CRM software(s) utilized by differing types of companies. it's an energetic community of giant developers and testers. Salesforce is additionally not just limited to a CRM, it's its different clouds like sales cloud, service cloud, Marketing cloud, and far more.


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