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Posted By :Rohit Kumar |23rd June 2019

Custom Theme Development In Wordpress:-


1.Need to install WordPress on the loacal machine or live server.
2. Create a Database Name and also installation WordPress.
3. Add wp-config.php file and add hostname, and database name also password
4. Add default .htaccess file according to  Xampp server


How to Create Custom Theme development:-


Create a Theme folder name and in this folder name will be unique same as theme name, need to create style.css and add theme name in this file and information author name and description. index.php file is very important of theme development from scratch.

Example:-- Create  Style.css file
Theme Name: Oodles Marketing 


Template List 


Required File For theme Development:-


Style.css:-The main stylesheet file, This file must be included with your Theme and this file is very important, and it must contain the information theme name same as the folder name in your Theme.

index.php:-The main Root file of the theme. If your theme provides by index.php file this will be root file and it will take first.

Functions.php:- This file is very important to file for add WordPress hooks functionality and add dynamically header and footer and also add CSS and js in footer and header.

Header.php:-  Header file is important for the design website header because this file include in all files and template and showing header functionality from <?php get_header(); ?> function

Footer.php:- Footer file is important for the design website footer because this file includes in all files and template and showing footer functionality from <?php get_footer(); ?> function

front-page.php:- This file is used for the front page of the website. Then if we will not create a front-page.php file so wp-admin by default home.php file otherwise it will take index.php by default.

home.php:-The home page template, which is the front page by default. if you make front-page.php then this will be front page by default  

single.php:- This file create using for single post template will show. if we will not create the template WordPress take by default index.php file.

single-{p-type}.php:-The single post template used when a single post from a custom post type is queried. For example, single-video.php would be used for displaying single posts from the cptcpt(custom-post-type) type named "video". index.php is used if the query template for the cpt(custom-post-type) is not present.

page.php:- This file use create from wp-admin of single pages.

category.php:-The category template. Used when a category is queried.

tag.php:- The tag template. Used when a tag is queried.

taxonomy.php:-The term template. Used when a term in a custom taxonomy is queried.

archive.php:-Archive.php file we can use for a single category and tag template page.

search.php:- The search results.php file using for user search performed.

404.php:-  This file using for error page because the user will go to any website and also type the wrong Url than 404 pages will be showing.


What is page builder?


Page builder is a WordPress plugin. and it is provided by easily create the page on the website with mobile responsive. and it provides by Bootstrap grid system functionality.
just like drag and drop can do, page builder provides layout builder functionality also and with JSON. we can take from clone one page to another page. and we can add our PHP code in page builder and HTML CSS and bootstrap. and I provide by automated image uploaded and button





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