What is Agile Methodology how it is different from Traditional Method

Posted By :Sani Singh |31st January 2020

Agile is a Process through which we carry out software development in an Iterative and Incremental manner which leads to doing frequent inspection that leads to adapt the required changes easily and provide quality-driven software.

In Agile we have a small-small requirement in the form of USER STORIES and all USER STORIES are been collected at one particular place know as "PRODUCT BACKLOG".

Product Backlog is a collection of small USER STORIES(list of the new features, changes to existing features, bug fixes, infrastructure changes, or other activities) that the team needs to achieve in a particular period. These PRODUCT backlogs are maintained by the PRODUCT OWNER. The essential USER STORIES are to be carried out from the PRODUCT BACKLOG and put in "SPRINT BACKLOG".

SPRINT BACKLOG is a list of tasks recognized by the Scrum unit to be performed during the Scrum sprint. During the sprint planning meeting, the team decides some amount of product backlog items, usually in the form of user stories, and identifies the tasks required to complete each user story.

In the Agile process each SCRUM Team Size can be a maximum of 9 members and the maximum time taken to complete a particular Sprint is 2-4 weeks only.

SCRUM is a framework that helps the team to work together whereas SPRINT is a short period box in which the team carries out the particular task.

In Agile we do a Sprint Planning Activity that is a sort of activity that leads us to know that what can be delivered in an upcoming event and how can we deliver.

In Agile we do have 4 major activities that need to be carried out which are as follows:- 

1) Sprint Planning

2) Daily StandUps (we talk about what we did, what obstacles we face, and what are the future activity we will going to carry out)

3) Iteration Reviews

4) Retrospect Meetings(discussion about the good and bad things that we did during the carrying of a sprint)

In Scrum Team we have 3 important characters:-

1) Scrum Master (a kind of facilitator in Agile Team)

2) Developer

3) Tester


1) Full Transparency

2) Room for Adjustment of Changes

3) Little Documentation

4) Feedback is provided at a short interval

5) It is more of a PRODUCT-ORIENTED 

6) Constant Research 

7) More Customer Participation

8) Employs both Iterative and Incremental Methodologies

9) Individual interaction over tools and process

10) Had Realistic Approach in its development

Agile Methodology is different from Traditional Development methods are follows: -

If you need to immediately release a basic product that you can later develop on and attach numerous features to, then the agile methodology may be more suited for your project. On the other hand, the conventional method is better suited for projects in large enterprises where the specifications and requirements must be clearly defined before the project commences.

Traditional Approach is used to create quality products efficiently whereas Agile Methodology is used as an incremental development approach to produce a quality software product.

In the Traditional Approach, there are different stages in the development process such as (Analysis and planning, Requirements Collection, Design, Development, Testing, Operation, and maintenance) whereas in Agile Methodology we have different phases in its development methodology.

The traditional approach does not allow major changes after the initial stages of the project whereas Agile Methodology it allows rapid changes after the initial stages of the project or throughout the project phase which will serve dynamic requirements.

So, concluding is that Agile Methodology is effective and efficient when there is time constraint and demand of the high-quality product as we know in Agile Methodology the changes are been handled easily and the requirements are gathered in form of sort stories which are easy to carry out part by part.

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