Easy 3 Step Tutorial to Implementing WebSocket in Node js

Posted By :Rakesh Chandra |29th May 2020


Implementing WebSocket in Node js


What is WebSocket?


WebSocket is a web protocol that offers complete duplex communication. It allows communication in both directions, it is a modern web technology that means web socket is a web protocol that provides user and server connections. Websocket provides greater efficiency while exchanging data between applications since it does not require HTTP response overhead with every message. In this article, we at Oodles, as an Artificial Intelligence Development Company, present an easy 3-step guide to implementing WebSocket in Node.js to accelerate data exchange across channels.  


    "Web socket is a web protocol which provides duplex communication i.e. web socket provides a continuous connection between both client and server."


In the traditional web, we had a request/response format where the user sends an HTTP request to the server and the server sends the response to users. This is the traditional web methodology, but a need was felt for the server to automatically communicate with the client without getting polled/send HTTP requests by the client. This is where the web socket comes into existence.


With the help of a web socket, we can directly make a connection between the client and server to share data and information without sending an HTTP request through the client.


3 Easy Steps to Implement WebSocket in Node.js 


To make use of Socket in Node, we have to install all the dependencies 

   >> install socket.io 

 >> install express 


Tutorial to Implementing WebSocket in Node.js




and other required dependencies as per your project requirements 

Sample code for socket - 


 WebSocket in Node.js  




Advantages of Web socket


  1. With the help of WebSocket, we can communicate with the client-server without any HTTP request.
  2. WebSocket allows us to view real-time information in web/mobile apps for example - Chat application, Notification Systems, Games, etc.
  3. Cross-origin communications are possible with WebSocket.
  4. Cross platoform compatibility.



Apps We Can Build Using WebSocket


So what is the need for using the socket in your application? App socket is used for bi-directional real-time web applications. WebSocket is a blueprint for developing realtime applications on both web and mobile.


We, at Oodles, as an established Machine Learning Development Company, harness the power of advanced tools like Kubernetes, technologies like AI, IoT, and communication protocols like WebSocket to build dynamic AI solutions.


Connect with our AI Development team to augment your business intelligence with our AI and machine learning capabilities.


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