Mautic : A Marketing Automation Tool

Posted By :Mahendra Singh |31st March 2021



What is Mautic?

 Mautic is free & open-source software that provides automation features to do big & repetitive marketing tasks. It's a great solution to escalate your business & reduce your daily repetitive work. It's free & easy to implement. Mautic provides a technique called marketing automation which is a way to automate our lengthy tasks to speed up & grow our business & market value. It offers multiple good marketing automation features such as email marketing, contact segmentation, leads nurturing, campaigns, ads, etc.


Mautic's features:

There are many great features provided by Mautic, which are given below-


* Contact Segmentation

* Tracking User activity

* Email Builder

* Page Builder

* Inbound Marketing

* Campaign Marketing

* Time-Saving

* Not required continuous monitoring

* Campaign Building



How To Use :

 It's free & easy to implement. We can use it in two ways.

1. Self-hosted (centralized server for public uses)

2.Hosted (own server)

So Basically, Mautic is PHP based platform, so here are the steps to install and configure Mautic.


Prerequisites: PHP, MYSQL Database & user with Sudo privileges.


1. Download the latest version of Mautic

2. Extract the Mautic files & transfer them to the preferred location.

3. Setup & Create a Mysql Database.

4. Update the Database Credentials in your Mautic conf files.

5. Follow & complete the Mautic setup wizard using the Mautic Installation URL.


If you don't want to use a self-hosted server, use the hosted server for service.


Mautic offers multiple great features to enhance the customer experience. The best thing about Mautic is It's secure, accessible, and easy to use.


It has a user-friendly UI that handles all the automation features. In today's world, everyone wants fast & secure tools that reduce their workload and do not require a hand to maintain their tasks, so here is Mautic, which is best to automate daily tasks.


About Author

Mahendra Singh

Mahendra is a DevOps Engineer with hands-on experience supporting automating and optimizing deployments in AWS, configuration management, and DevOps processes with Ansible, Github, Docker, Python, Nginx, and Linux.

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