How to deploy your project using netlify

Posted By :Ajay Kumar |28th January 2021

Netlify is an all-in-one platform that provides deployment services, global CDN, one-click SSL, a CLI, a browser-based interface, and many other features for managing your large website. Replace your hosting infrastructure, continuous integration, and deployment pipeline with a single workflow.

Start with sign up

To get started with netlify, go to the and select the preferred signup method for sign in. We can choose one of the hosted Git provider or an email address.

We will take an example of Github, others have a similar procedure.

  • Selecting GitHub will bring up an authorization modal for authentication. Select “Authorize application.”
  • once you sign in by selecting GitHub, it will takes you to authorization modal for authentication.
  • Select “Authorize application” button for further process or you can say , it's a first step for your web deployment.

Remember one thing, what u are going to deploy, it should be uploaded in the repo of github(that makes the process easier)

Simple Steps to create a new host for project deployment

 1.On dashboard--> Select “New site from git.” button.

 2. Link to your github

As you will proceed, netlify will let you go through the necessary steps for deployment. Now, for next step, you will have to select your git provider where your site’s source is hosted.

3.Again Authorize netlify

By click on button “Authorize application” brings direct communication or kind of internal connectivity between them.

4.Add repo

To select the repo, click on “Add another organization” button to get the repo access page . Dropdown where you can see a list of git repositories or use the search option for filtering.

5.configure settings

Click on Saved or selected repo to configure the settings

here you will face four the branch where your updated code is pushed.

Please note, your publish directory must be same as where public site files are placed after the build.(e.g. dist).

To know your public site , go through the package.json file.

Build Command:- npm run build

At last click on deploy site button.

6.Build and deploy site

It will take around 2-3 minutes to build your project.

To see the processing steps, go to production deploys section, here click on production build(open console).

Once the build is completed, it will display the message and preview button to go on ur deployed link.


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