Everyone Prepare for the Automation Revolution

Posted By :Keshav Agarawal |27th December 2019

In a few seconds, I want you to stop reading this article, and follow the instructions mentioned below.

1. Visit yours favorite source for Tech news (Twitter, Hacker News, Term Sheet, reddit, TechCrunch, Mattermark Daily, CB Insights, etc.)
2. Hit “crtl + f”
3. Search “artificial intelligence” or “machine learning”
4. I hope you have find a match :D
5. Every where it is exists.

Why Should Everyone Prepare for the “Automation Revolution”...

We need to get smarter about emerging technologies, for example, artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain.

We know that something is happening and everyone seems to agree that our future will be automated. But to believe that it will only or mainly affect repetitive Manual Labor.

Automation of Knowledge Work is not on the agenda of many people.

What About Knowledge Workers?

Everyone seems to accept that “knowledge work” for example the finance, legal and marketing industries will also be affected by automation. But this would be mainly limited to the application of automated tools for very specific tasks.

For example, artificial intelligence will automate routine activities. Knowledge workers will still be needed to work on specialized and high-value activities.

This sounds wonderful !!. But I think it is a complacent view.

A better approach might be to observe and learn from the example and adopt the following five lessons in order for knowledge workers to remain relevant in the coming new world of artificial intelligence.

Here are the 5 lessons that can be summarized:
1. Everyone's Futures will be Centered around AI
2. Big Data “Rules” the World.
3. The Disruption of Next Generation Knowledge Workers.
4. Everyone Should Be a Creator and an Explorer
5. Everyone Must Master the Art of Storytelling.


I am not worried about the future in which AI and other emerging technologies are at the center of our lives.

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Keshav Agarawal

Keshav Agarawal is Java Developer with skilled in Java, Servlet, JSP, JDBC, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, JPA, Hibernate. His hobbies are playing chess and reading books in free time. By nature he is friendly and honest person.

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