How Conversational Chatbots for Marketing Can Boost Business Sales

Posted By :Kajal Singh |28th June 2020



Conversational chatbots for marketing or ‘Conversational Marketing’ is an emerging business development tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With conversational virtual agents, marketers can accelerate the transition of buyers through marketing and sales funnel. We, at Oodles, as a dynamic chatbot development company, shares insider knowledge into how AI-driven chatbots can streamline marketing efforts to augment business sales remarkably. 


How do Conversational Chatbots Enhance Marketing Efforts?


Conversational chatbots are intelligent AI systems with the ability to undertake real-time conversations with business customers, clients, and potential leads. Powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms, conversational chatbots can understand user inferences with maximum accuracy and match queries with appropriate responses. 


Also known as virtual assistants, conversational chatbots are projected to dominate over 25% of customer service operations by 2020, suggests Gartner. 


Contrary to the traditional ways of lead capturing and indefinite response time that often led to missed opportunities, conversational chatbots exhibit 24*7 availability with instant responses and constant engagement. In the process of engaging potential leads, chatbots self-learn and improve responses by using the inference data to self-train the model. It enables businesses to convert more leads efficiently while standardizing brand tone and presence across websites, mobile apps, and social media channels. 


As a well-positioned artificial intelligence development company, we, at Oodles AI present our conversational chatbots to prospective clients in a bid to innovate critical operations with AI and machine learning applications.   



Significance of Conversational Chatbots for Marketing 


  1. Wider audience reach


With a cloud-based set-up, conversational chatbots can undertake multiple users’ queries simultaneously and efficiently. The larger engagement capabilities enable virtual assistants to walk customers through the brand’s profile and services with minimum efforts and time. 


  1. Highly personalized customer experience


Conversational chatbots are quick at gauging the dynamic interests and preferences of customers and matching them with the right solutions. This gives businesses a competitive advantage as chatbots tend to address client requirements with as much accuracy and efficiency as humans. Once chatbots are aware of a certain customer’s interests, it can send personalized messages, notifications, updates, or even offers to the optimize conversion of visitors into customers. 


  1. Self-learning from feedback and data


AI’s impressive data-processing and analysis capabilities enable conversational chatbots to extract keywords from interactions to self-train the system. Also, the collected feedback through conversational chatbots can be used by business development teams to formulate effective marketing strategies further. 


  1. In-build lead generation forms


One of the biggest advantages of embedding AI-powered chatbots into business portals is that conversational chatbots replace lengthy lead generation forms. It saves much time frustration on the part of both clients and businesses to build professional relationships faster and easier. 


Building Conversational Chatbots for Marketing & Sales with Oodles


In the wake of ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Oodles AI is taking conversational chatbots a step further by building Remote Risk Assessment Chatbots to assist patients in assessing their medical conditions. In addition, our chatbot development team’s capabilities expand to-


  1. eCommerce and retail chatbots
  2. Virtual assistants for Google Home and Alexa
  3. Banking and Insurance chatbots, and]
  4. Chatbots built using third-party frameworks such as Amazon Lex, and DialogFlow


Connect with our AI development team to accelerate critical business processes with AI and ML applications.

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