AWS QuickSight and Its Features for Business Development

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |30th May 2020

AWS QuickSight and Its Features for Business Development


AWS Quicksight


Introduction to QuickSight


AWS provides a great tool for its users and customers to experience fast, cloud-powered intelligence service-QuickSight. AWS QuickSight for Business Development provides an in-depth view of data and draws data visualization to simplify review of workflow, growth, or bottlenecks across operations. 


QuickSight allows us to fetch the data set from the RedShift Data Warehouse, Athena, S3 bucket, and many more places. It makes it easy for customers to build various visualization and by selecting different types of charts/graphs they want to use according to their needs. It performs ad-hoc analysis, we can get data by uploading a CSV, from an S3 bucket or excel file, connect to a database like Athena, SQL, and MySQL. 


In this blog post, we at Oodles explore the enterprise advantages of employing QuickSight to augment business development and adopt machine learning development capabilities.


Advantages of QuickSight 


1. It is very to make quick visualization with different charts. It also suggests visualization of your data with its innovation Autograph technology.


2. We can import data either from a query or from spice which is a super-fast, parallel, in-memory, calculation engine. It gets an amplified response where we just connect to the data, visualize, and share.


QucikSight Data sources


1. Athena

2. RedShift

3. Apache Spark

4. S3

5. MySQL


QuickSight and Its Features


1. Select your Data source 


We can upload CSV, flat JSON files or we can directly import the data from the Athena and make our edit in the data and manipulate our data accordingly. We can also add our calculated field using AWS functions and operators.


2. Spice Engine


It is a fast-paced, Pre-Built memory. QuickSight supports accurate data calculation to support customers in deriving valuable insights from data analysis. Moreso features like anomaly detection, forecasting, natural language narratives, and contribution analysis make QuickSight an effective framework for applying predictive analytics services


3. Quick Visualization 


It can automatically create visuals based on the values selected from the Data set. We can also make drill-downs into the data, It provides varieties of graph for visualization.


4. Share your analysis


We can share our analysis with others also as a dashboard. We set if we want a user to manipulate the data or give him read-only access.


5. Updating data.


We can set time for us to be updated either by the hour, day, week, or month and it automatically maps the data on the graphs according to your choice.


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