Artificial Intelligence can be used to detect Covid

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |30th April 2021


As the Covid cases are increasing daily, people suffer from lack of oxygen, high fever, and loss of taste. These are the symptoms that occur in a body of a covid positive person. As the technology is getting more reliable, hospitals are installing a camera that can measure the person's oxygen level and body temperature.


This is made possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence health monitoring, a contactless sensing technology that takes just 15 seconds to measure the heart rate and the breathing rate of the patient. It can also measure the blood oxygen level from a webcam and measure temperature using a thermal camera.


Use of AI in Medical devices

 Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role here, allowing people to check their health and temperature regularly though this type of operation is costly and creating this device. Many applications use Artificial intelligence on a large scale to detect if people are wearing masks or not. This device is also installed in malls, offices, and many other places.


AI in medicine delivery 

The fastest and safest way to deliver medicine during this pandemic is through drones, which might be costly, but it is the safest method on a large scale. 


AI Chatbots 

Artificial intelligence-based Chatbots can be the means of communication for people to access free online health consultation, updates on beds and oxygen availability in the hospitals and nearby areas.  



Using these systems with Artificial intelligence integration will help the doctors and other people get to know their temperature and oxygen level, which is very helpful. Offices can detect if a person is wearing a mask or not. Chatbots can help people assist based on their situation.


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