Is Artificial Intelligence Boon or Bane for Businesses

Posted By :Shubham Sharma |26th June 2020



Artificial intelligence is the ability of computers to perform human tasks by learning from data. It translates to 'augmented intelligence' because as compared to humans, machines are better able to perform repetitive and complex tasks without human intervention. For businesses, however, the technology can turn into a boon or bane depending upon its channelization and training process. 


As a well-experienced AI development company, Oodles AI evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of AI to assist businesses in effective decision-making.


What is Artificial Intelligence?


It allows the machine to mimic or behave as human behavior. It is used in the development of computers to perform a task where normally human intelligence is required. For eg:- Face detection, Speech recognition, and decision making.


It replicates human intelligence done by computers which are programmed by humans. Through this, they learn how to do self-correction and self-learning.


Artificial Intelligence Applications


1 Gaming: AI and machine learning are beneficial in algorithmics and strategic games like chess. Games that use face detection or hand gestures to work, are gaining much traction among gamers to replace remotes with seamless hand controls.


2. Speech Recognition: Powered by NLP algorithms, AI can use voice user interfaces such as voice calling or asking a virtual assistant for general questions, maps, and more. Eg. SIRI, Google assistant allows us to interact with chatbots to perform tasks through voice command. 


We, at Oodles, as a Chatbot development company, build and deploy conversational chatbots and voice-controlled virtual assistants for healthcare, banking, insurance, eCommerce, and other businesses. Our AI team has experiential knowledge in applying NLP and NLU algorithms for chatbots to understand complex human inferences and respond efficiently to queries. 


3. Robots: Industries design robots for their ease of use so that robots can perform those tasks that humans can't perform with perfection. In 2016 a humanoid robot created the name "Sophia". Her ability was image recognition, making facial expressions, and communicating through AI.


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence


1. Easy Availability - They do not require refreshments like humans, they can work for long hours without degrading the quality of the output and are easy to use.


2. Day to Day use - The mostly used machine is mobile phones or smartphones which results in using the benefits of AI. As we use SIRI or Google assistant for directions or to make a call.


3. Error Reduction - Accuracy and for perfect output, we use AI so that there are no errors made by the machine which allows us to rectify the errors.


4. Medical Application - It is popularly used in identifying cancer risks and neurological diseases. 


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence


1. High Cost - It enhances the productivity providing required results but includes the huge cost for training the machine and maintenance cost occurs to be more than training.


2. Inability to replicate human minds - Most of them believe that human intelligence cannot be duplicated but machines can get smarter with time and can be more efficient than humans.


To conclude, everything in this world is a product of intelligence. Artificial Intelligence elevates and improves human intelligence. The use of both can create a path of innovations and discoveries.


Deploy Dynamic Artificial Intelligence Solutions With Oodles AI


At Oodles, we provide enterprise-grade artificial intelligence solutions that match dynamic business requirements with effective applications and frameworks. Our AI and ML capabilities expand to-


  1. Deep learning for image classification, object detection, and video analytics
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Chatbot development and integration
  4. Computer Vision, and
  5. AI-powered Optical Character Recognition


Connect with our AI development team to improve your operational efficiency with effective AI solutions and services.

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