6 Industrial Use Cases of AI Powered Drones

Posted By :Keshav Agarawal |29th April 2020

Use Cases of AI powered Drones



Drones are playing an important role in security surveillance, remote monitoring, thermal scanning, smart policing, and more. AI-powered drones are now used by online retailer Amazon to deliver products at customers’ doorstep, revolutionizing the transportation and delivery system of logistics and supply chain companies.

Drones and the autonomous flying machines use computer vision technology to hover in the air avoiding the objects to keep moving on the correct path and now Artificial Intelligence is powering drones to make this flying machine smarter.


In this edition, we at Oodles, as a Machine Learning Development Company, highlight the most effective use cases of AI-powered drones across industries.


1. Use of Drones in COVID-19 Epidemic:


All the villages, cities, and most of all the countries are locked down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Government is using drones to broadcasting messages and information about lockdown measures in the rural areas that lack open communication channels for health information.

Drones are these days equipped with cameras and loudspeakers that are being used to make public announcements and to keep people indoors and can take necessary precautions, make social-distancing and wear a mask if they are stepping outside from their home.


2. Use of Drone in Smart Cities:


Drones are nowadays involved in smart cities as well. Drones are expected to play an important role in the smart city environment. It provides support for a variety of applications for example traffic monitoring and firefighting, medical, package delivery, policing.

A city can be interconnected with all the public services using digital, information, and communication technologies.  This technology has been developed in government services, traffic management, energy, water, and waste.


3. Use of Drones in Urban Management:


Drones are also used in urban management, managing the hazard to third parties below and adjacent to the area of operation, and to helicopters operating at low altitudes, are the primary risks. By using drones it can monitor crowds enable smarter policing.

By using drones, urban planners are able to understand their environments and implement data-driven improvements.


4. Use of Drones in Agriculture & High-tech Farming:

There is another area where drones are playing an important role in gaining traction is the cultivation of crops. Drones in agriculture are also playing an important role in monitoring the crops and plants health conditions. By using drones agricultural workers are being able to gather the data, improve efficiency, automate redundant processes.


Under AI’s umbrella, predictive analytics services backed by drone’s agricultural data can generate in-depth insights into weather forecasting, soil conditions, yielding, and more. 


A drone can also be used in planting trees by shooting the seedpods into the prepared soil helping farmers to save their cost and time allowing them to get in involved in other activities as well to improve the productivity of the entire agricultural sector.


5. Use of Drones in the Military and Defense Sector:


In the military and defense sector, drones are becoming popular to develop for unmanned weapons to combat or bombard on the enemies in the war.

These days drones are being used to design exclusively for surveillance, but others for offensive operations. 

Today, several military institutions are already using drones for border patrolling, remote monitoring, storm tracking, and performing safety inspections. In addition, new aerial technologies, militaries continue to use unmanned ground vehicles.


6. Use of Drones in Security and Surveillance:


Drones can be used to map commuting routes. By using drones, it can monitor crowds that enable smarter policing. Making the life of people safer and secured, drones are playing another role in the security and surveillance of people living in unsafe areas or even in habitat environments. Taking precautionary measures in advance, by quickly deploying response team in case of disaster. Also, drones are highly effective at acting as a security camera for monitoring anomalies at inhabitable areas, restricted premises, conservation zones, and war-sensitive areas to control violence and outbreak.


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