5 ways to perform Application Performance Testing

Posted By :Sakshat Singhal |29th April 2022

Performance testing significance:
When ignoring the performance testing before launching the product, businesses lose a high number of druggies and are forced to spend significant costs on the farther fixing of bugs. To avoid the pitfalls of app fails, it's essential to test the following factors:


  • System response time
  • Unanticipated cargo conditions
  • System scalability
  • Shaft stoner loads
  • System stability
  • Outturn position
  • Optimise performance.

Only after icing that all these stages are fulfilled, you can minimise the performance problems and failures of your result.

Today, businesses think that delivering an entire digital experience is quite just page speed and cargo times. this is often why performance testing is becoming a serious responsibility for software testers and that they are pushed to adopt multi-layered testing approach above the regular load and stress testing schedules. during this blog, we'll review some performance testing best practices that transcend the bounds of performance testing and prepare a tester to simply accept broader challenges than the regular testing.

Build an entire Test Strategy
Start with an in depth test strategy to work out the kinds of tests that you simply got to perform to perfect the appliance . Performance testing requires many planning and preparation before the particular execution. you'll always understand tests better by understanding how components interact and therefore the user expectations from the system. The testing strategy should closely mirror the important life environment.

Try to Include Think Time in Testing
Think time is that the measure of your time pause taken by the standard user while working together with your application. Usually this think time occurs when a user pauses to look at the knowledge playing across the screen, once they switch from one section to the opposite. Usually this point lag occurs when a customer stops to verify the address or mastercard details or addresses. While creating test scripts, you'll fix this point as a hard and fast time between two consequent requests or a perfect time between maximum or minimum values.

Identify the Performance Bottleneck
It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced tester or a novice, you'll never guess when and where subsequent performance issue may happen . Hence, whenever a problem occurs, it's vital to start out with individual components instead of that specialize in the entire module. Although this is often time consuming, it'll prevent tons of efforts and money.

Learn from Earlier Experiences
Performance issues do happen and it does take time to work it out. it's always good to conduct testing under an equivalent conditions and see if the issues persist. This continuous observation will assist you to create your own filtering system for performance issues. an honest attribute of a keen observer is that he tries to research his own testing decisions over time and use that have to urge to the basis of the matter .

Emphasize on Baseline Tests
Needless to mention , time management is a crucial aspect of any performance testing project. you ought to take baseline tests seriously because 85% of the errors are determined during these baseline tests. this may help to save lots of time on “full load tests”. Testers can easily identify and isolate problems during initial baseline tests because it gets difficult afterward to isolate them.

These are a couple of factors that you simply simply got to confine mind before outlining a performance testing automation strategy aside from the regular technical aspects that you already know. If you continue to feel that you simply got to strengthen your performance testing, inspect the Performance Test Accelerator (PTA) developed by Cigniti. PTA helps businesses to deal with challenges of performance testing in terms of infrastructure, user loads and heterogeneous IT systems

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